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Synonyms for misshape

to alter and spoil the natural form or appearance of

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The Rescue 1122 has received two million calls for help in last five years from Mardan and Peshawar and entertained 14 thousand victims of road misshapes, two thousands fire victims, 31 medical emergency, drowning, 339 bomb blasts and other related incidents.
When the work was carried out the material caused a reaction with the painted white lines on the road which caused them to misshape.
Attached to the back of the saddle is a rawhide cylinder that appears to be quite old given it's misshape and patina.
The topics include a ten-year journey of cooperation, whether relevance and rigor can co-exist, professional associations supporting useful research, how business schools shape and misshape management research, and an engaged scholarship perspective.
Machine washing can shrink fabric, misshape wires and push them through the fabric - wrecking your bra and machine if they come loose.
Doing so damages not only the MIG gun, but it also can dent or misshape the nozzle, rendering it unusable.
But when it doesn't work, it can misshape a program unintentionally and cause all kinds of problems.
Especially from the World War II era on, parents have had an inordinate fear that any little thing they do may permanently misshape their child's psyche.
Unidentified terrorists had planted the four explosive devices to destroy the power supply line of Karachi, timely action avoided such incident and misshape.
Meeting decided to put helpline numbers on display at main junctions and points of the city so that citizens seeking help timely inform police about any misshape in their areas.
Toni followed that advice and, again, her doctor said it looked like simply a misshape but referred her to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a mammogram.
His decision to make a musical suggested that he might be ready to address the sloppy, indulgent structures that can misshape even his best work.
Meanwhile, four-year old Sudais was killed in Kanju areas of Swat in a road misshape.
He said that security personals were high alert to avoid any misshape.