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Synonyms for misshape

to alter and spoil the natural form or appearance of

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Do not use wire cutters, as these can cause scratches in the contact tip or misshape it entirely--any such damage shortens the tip's life and may lead to costly downtime and rework.
Meeting decided to put helpline numbers on display at main junctions and points of the city so that citizens seeking help timely inform police about any misshape in their areas.
Machine washing can shrink fabric, misshape wires and push them through the fabric - wrecking your bra and machine if they come loose.
Toni followed that advice and, again, her doctor said it looked like simply a misshape but referred her to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a mammogram.
They're indestructible as a garment, but often seem to 'melt' and misshape if the wash cycle is over hot
Harrison (The Reactionaries: A Study of the Anti-Democratic Intelligentsia), Garrett Hardin (Filters Against Folly: How to Survive Despite Economists, Ecologists, and the Merely Eloquent), Alain Finkielkraut (The Defeat of the Mind), Heather MacDonald (The Burden of Bad Ideas: How Modern Intellectuals Misshape Our Society), and Mark Lilla (The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics).
From The Brood through Dead Ringers he's been a film poet of somatic anxiety, simultaneously obsessed and repelled by the flesh but even more so by the emotions that shape and misshape the body.
As result of road misshape Mumtaz received severe injuries.
He said that security personals were high alert to avoid any misshape.
He said that all NH&MP patrolling officer got first aid training from big hospitals of the country, in case of any misshape NH&MP officer provide first aid and save their precious lives.
Because the dough piece is rounded at the beginning of the process and then no longer put under stress, it maintains the tension and does not misshape into an oval resulting in a uniform ring shape and crumb structure with no separation of the crest and crumb and in addition final proofing times can be kept to a minimum.
His decision to make a musical suggested that he might be ready to address the sloppy, indulgent structures that can misshape even his best work.
Those who killed in misshape were identified as Imran SO Syed Rasool, Kamran SO Sabir, Nizar SO Shahzad and Nisar.
The people while entering in Mosques for prayers would be checked to avoid any misshape.
Source said many people were stranded in the rubble who have been tried to be recovered, officials expressed fear of mass casualties because of this misshape.