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Ishiguro is quite obviously obsessed with the ways in which adults remember -- or, more accurately, nostalgically misremember -- their youths.
How could the translator misremember so brilliant a scene only forty pages later and mistranslate completely a reference to it?
I particularly liked The Night I Laid You Down, a duet where a couple misremember their first night together while clearly demonstrating the distance they've travelled from honeymoon phase to eyerolling over-familiarity, and a song that answers the age old question of whether women prefer nice guys or douchebags in which Courtney Jaye got to deliver the puerile punchline.
Grace and Teddy may misremember events but Frank seems to be a different and more intentional kind of liar.
Frawley found that the children were greatly influenced by the illustrations and text and tended to misremember gender roles and stereotypes.
6 letter is an all-too-common example of how people misremember the Hynix experience in Eugene.
This book should instead be called "How Liberals Misremember," marred as it is by a failure to come to grips with the flaws of American liberalism, by a relentless partisanship, by presenting as central to the history of American conservatism episodes that are at best marginal.
The more unhealthy their habits, the greater their tendency to misremember.
Earlier I suggested that genealogies of feminisms, including lesbian feminisms, that begin by leaving out the women of color who were writing alongside and in some cases before the white feminists usually given credit (or, as is more the case these days, blame) for "founding" feminisms do not simply misremember history, but they actually construct a narrow history with disturbing implications for the future.
In fact, her life story--what we know of it, what we read of it in her letters, biographies, memoirs, interviews, remember and misremember of it, project onto it--forms an important part of her work, her gift to her readers.
StephB wondered: "Do I misremember, but weren't they boasting of having an adequate supply of five days' worth?
This knowledge can bias memory to a point where children misremember or distort information to make it fit their existing schema.
forget about it: misremember it: ask for forgiveness: do something else good: devise
Please, grant us a full pardon ahead of time if we misremember any of the details, but .
Glitches, of course, are typical for the operations of memory (as when the rat misremembers the title of The Fisher King).