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When consumers also misperceive risk, the problem becomes even more complicated because, while efficient self-selection requires consumers to bear their own harm, accurate signaling of risk requires that firms bear full liability (assuming that firms have better information about product risk than consumers).
For if the BIS misperceives the nature of the trade-off, so too, in a different way, does the Fed.
For example, naive realism predicts that rival groups misperceive conflict equally for issues that are important and less important to one's own social group.
While America may largely misperceive Africa as a disaster zone, China does get the promise on the continent.
Those who were overweight or obese were even more likely than those of normal weight to misperceive their weight status.
We found that people who watch these programs regularly are more likely to overestimate the frequency of serious crimes, misperceive important facts about crime, and misjudge the number of workers in the judicial system.
Psychologist and one of the course trainers, Kathy Jackson, believes health practitioners need a broad understanding of cultural differences if they are not to misperceive symptoms and misdiagnose illness.
I think it has been very possible for publics on both sides to misperceive comments from leaders.
As Larry Bartels points out, partisanship is a shortcut that we use in our voting decisions, but many voters misperceive what the parties represent.
A ranking SDF officer voiced concerns that the essay could lead the public to misperceive that many other SDF officers may have similar ideas on the war.
We're not too hot on eye contact and things like that, which some people misperceive as me being shifty.
Interaction design requires attention and focus as you design, develop, and write in an online format that can make the intended audience misperceive your message.
The social, behavioral, and economic (SBE) sciences contribute penetrating insights on such issues as the causes and consequences of conflict, how individuals and groups perceive and misperceive hazards, how they understand or misunderstand the risks they run in their daily lives, and how they organize and structure their interactions and transactions.
9) Parents who allow their children to own these guns appear to misperceive their potential for injury.
He begins to misperceive his mother as a tart like one who frequents Dad's favorite pub.