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hatred of children

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Thus, a consideration of misopedia must entail a dual shift in emphasis: away from the sexual act itself to focus rather on its supposed goal of reproduction; and away from Cartesian paradigms of the mind/body, male/female dichotomies.
14) Calder initially attempts to mitigate the misopedia of the works with reference to Beckett's own essential goodness.
Apparently in contradiction to the misopedia he admits is present in the works, John Calder also claims that whenever there is a child in the fiction, 'the boy is nearly always the young Samuel Beckett himself, either as he remembered himself, or symbolically'.
An answer might be found by tracing a 'lynch-pin' of misopedia in Beckett's works, which runs from the murderous misopedia of 'The Expelled', back to Watt, and on to the equally murderous All That Fall.
26) What is a crucial theme in Beckett's misopedia, and misogyny for that matter, is precisely the child's role as guarantor of future suffering and, ultimately, death, as if the child, however unwittingly, is both the sign and principle of regrettable generation.