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hating women in particular


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An NUS report said women on campus defined lad culture as a "pack mentality" in activities such as sport, heavy alcohol consumption and "banter" which was often sexist, misogynistic or homophobic.
The woman legislator who had earlier filed a complaint against Shibu Baby John for physically stopping her during a protest in the assembly, has now petitioned the director general of police against the misogynistic remarks of Abu.
Writing at the time of the novel's publication, feminist Naomi Wolf critiques American Psycho because of the pornographic way it depicts misogynistic violence towards women, and the powerful lesson in conditioning this delivers to the reader (Wolf 33).
The real tragedy is that the UK is still a very misogynistic society evidenced by the fact that the Government, with cross-party support is currently considering bringing in a law to make domestic harassment, which affects mainly women, a criminal offence.
The advertisement is actually not sexist and addresses the misogynistic tendency of men.
Published in 1991, the novel sparked calls for it to be banned and it was criticised for being misogynistic and for its graphic scenes of violence but went on to become a cult classic.
27 ( ANI ): A New York state lawmaker has called on cable providers to drop the notoriously anti-American, anti-Semitic and misogynistic Al-Jazeera network from their basic cable package.
It tells the story of three women who scheme to get even with their bullying, misogynistic boss - played by Ben Richards - by fair means or foul.
Summary: A fiery speech in which Australia's PM Julia Gillard accused the opposition leader of being sexist and misogynistic has gone viral.
The women tended to get angry after reading or hearing about a misogynistic situation, but typically became as passive as the men when confronted with a real-life situation.
Fort Wayne) explores the misogynistic origins of literary and pop culture portrayals of Plath's female readers as deluded or demented.
Not only is his article in defence of Andy Gray and Richard Keys (Daily Post, January 26) painful in its pathetic attempt at comedy, it also borders on the misogynistic.
Given the storm over Richard Keys and Andy Gray's playful misogynistic banter, however, tonight's schedule may be a little different.
What shocked us about The Lancet editorial about homebirth was its language and tone and how it pumped the hype about the dangers of homebirth, and made sweeping and misogynistic statements, such as "Women do not have the right to put their baby at risk".
has announced the formation of "51 Percent," a nonprofit educational organization committed to purging the United States of misogynistic behavior.