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(used of men) having deep-seated distrust of women

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Kem also gives a synthetic analysis of the nature of Champier's feminism, explaining how taking the defense of women brought him to praise them and to take a clear stance in the quarrel of women, turning him from a former misogynic into a (true?
Support for Censorship of Violent and Misogynic Rap Lyrics: An Analysis of the Third-Person Effect.
Mayhew wants to rescue Aristotle from charges of misogynic ideology.
With regard to the Corbaccio, Boccaccio's most problematic work, Surdich offers three possible explanations for the work's title, and seeks to explain how this misogynic text can be reconciled with the rest of Boccaccio's oeuvre.
I have had a stomach full of a misogynic church, which has so internalized the myth of evil Eve that it cannot recognize a human soul separate from its gender, and a church of male privilege that rationalizes and justifies the most irrational male behavior.