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branded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements


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A previous Q-Probes study of 122 blood bank laboratories performed in 2007 determined normative rates of mislabeled specimens submitted to blood banks and the rates of instances in which specimen tubes contained blood belonging to another patient (so-called wrong blood in tube [WBIT]), and examined laboratory and hospital practices that the study designers thought might influence those rates.
According to Hagens Berman's investigation, GNC mislabeled and sold more than 47 dietary supplements promoted as aides in pre- and post-workout muscle gain, energy, weight-loss and fat-burning, containing synthetic chemicals or illegal substances including BMPEA, Acacia Rigidula or Picamilon.
Of the 20 mislabeled products, 13 were dog food and seven were cat food.
A discussion on the CAP website (9) entitled "When a Rose Is Not a Rose: the Problem of Mislabeled Specimens" has several suggestions to guide laboratories with procedures that minimize mislabel risk.
According to Oceana, 44% of the restaurants and grocery stores it visited sold mislabeled fish.
Therefore, characterization of infants with mislabeled cow's milk allergy and distinguishing them from those with true food allergy is important.
In one of the largest seafood fraud investigations in the world to date, DNA testing confirmed that one-third, or 33 percent, of the 1,215 fish samples collected by Oceana from 674 retail outlets in 21 states were mislabeled, according to U.
Consumers, alarmed by mislabeled horsemeat, expect meticulous care of global food purveyors
While it may be easy to understand why mislabeled specimens occur, the errors aren't easy to accept.
Barilli suspected that the samples had been mislabeled or mixed up, because the right shoulder sample was the smaller of the two samples sent to Columbia, but the sample that was identified as malignant was the larger sample.
They had been accused of misrepresenting Takayama Seafood as the importer of the eels, which were actually imported by Ito-Yokado, and selling around 15 tons of the mislabeled product in 2009 in violation of the food sanitation law, according to the ruling.
The mislabeled pattern diagram is reproduced on page 3; a corrected version is printed below.
house brand of Light Caesar Salad Dressing because the back label of the bottle was mislabeled with a Light Asian Salad Dressing label.
His quote in As They See it was mislabeled in the March issue.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ruled that mislabeled Chinese truck tires pose a safety issue and cannot be sold for use in the U.