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false information


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information that is incorrect

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Some misinformation is being spread among the people of Jammu and Kashmir which is causing trouble and possibly compelling some of the younger generation to pick up arms.
MISINFORMATION about climate change is distressingly common in the United States " a 2014 Yale study found that 35 percent of Americans believe global warming is caused mostly by natural phenomena rather than human activity, and 34 percent think there is a lot of disagreement among scientists about whether global warming is even happening.
Co-witnesses of a crime or traffic accident may also be sources of misinformation when they spontaneously discuss what they have seen.
Herd rather spread more misinformation and try to continue coveting up his own past misdeeds.
The best way to tackle misinformation is for residents to be constantly vigilant, and ask the key questions of any information they see online -- who is supplying this information?
PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar said the three-day convention would enable stakeholders to discuss ways to combat the spread of misinformation.
As someone who reads news from all over the world every day, provided by many national and supranational news media, I see misinformation, propaganda and above all censored non-reported news - mostly from the outlets setting up 'anti-fake news' units and which Mrs May doubtless trusts.
Bam Aquino that he would try to reach out to President Rodrigo Duterte's online supporters to stop spreading misinformation and hate speech in social media.
MR Segun Oladitan, the Chairman of Osun Independent Electoral Commission (OSIEC) on Saturday said the low turnout at some polling units at the ongoing local government election was due to some misinformation by oppositions.
The "Disputed" article flagging feature--introduced in December 2016--was designed to stop the spread of articles the leadership of Facebook considered as misinformation.
There were eight workshops in the program: Digital Misinformation, Events Analytics Using Social Media Data, News and Public Opinion, Observational Studies through Social Media, Perceptual Biases and Social Media, Social Media and Demographic Research, Studying User Perceptions and Experiences with Algorithms, and The ICWSM Science Slam.
Summary: There has been a growth in toolkits and services designed to propagate the spread of misinformation
Hardly a day goes by without media and sometimes government claims that Russia has been utilising social media tools to spread fake news and misinformation to influence everything from elections, mining approvals and even Brexit.
This means that for example twitter accounts can suddenly come out of nowhere and attract tens of thousands of followers and retweets in a matter of hours associated with particular misinformation campaigns.
Dubai: The types of fake news disseminated on news channels and social media and the difference between misinformation and disinformation were among the issues discussed during the first session of the fourth Emirati Media Forum that began on Monday at the Dubai World Trade Centre.