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false information


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information that is incorrect

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MISINFORMATION about climate change is distressingly common in the United States " a 2014 Yale study found that 35 percent of Americans believe global warming is caused mostly by natural phenomena rather than human activity, and 34 percent think there is a lot of disagreement among scientists about whether global warming is even happening.
As with the transfer of information through any network, the nodes (the users in a social network) and how they are connected to each other is also critical to the diffusion of misinformation.
For example, we recommend that any corrections should address all misinformation in a clearly defined portion of a forum on the Internet or social media, whether the misinformation is positive or negative," Abrams said.
As in the US, many of these organizations provided misinformation about abortion, such as the likelihood of the scientifically discounted "post-abortion syndrome" and a supposed link between abortion and breast cancer or infertility.
Misinformation expends energy with less positive consequence
It turns out that even once misinformation has been completely retracted and those involved have admitted it was lies, misinformation is difficult to kill.
A survey has indicated that insurance misinformation is rampant in the industry.
Bullspotting; finding facts in the age of misinformation.
Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told the committee that the PTA under the Pakistan Electronic Cyber Crime Bill would conduct crack down to stop messages spreading misinformation on mobile phones.
WEB OF DECEIT; MISINFORMATION AND MANIPULATION IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA is an ongoing recommendation for any interested in internet manipulation, and shows how manipulative people and organizations use social media to identify and pursue targets that are susceptible to hoaxes and con games.
Summary: Bogota - The president of Human Rights Commission at the Colombian House of Representatives on Wednesday categorically denied a misinformation by polisario claiming that the Commission adopted a "declaration" condemning Laayoune's incidents.
The most popular word combination in the category was "flu + antibiotics," with 345 tweets that included misinformation reaching a total of 172,571 followers.
Systems Out of Balance: How Misinformation Hurts the Middle Class" discusses the fall of the American dream and where its destruction's blame lies on.
For too many years politicians have buried uncomfortable truths about TB in wildlife, pandering to animal rights extremists who, through threats and misinformation, have managed to steer government policy away from what is in the best interests of human health and the taxpayer," he said.
Throughout the 18-year history of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, misinformation about its fiscal impact has been widespread.