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These kinds of increased energy requirements are unavoidable, but alternative power sources have helped keep a lid on costs," Mishmash said.
In the study, researchers fed the rats a mishmash of junky foods (think bacon-wrapped cheesecake covered with frosting), so any ingredient's individual effects were hidden.
The look is part Mad Men, part 1001 Arabian Nights but somehow the mishmash makes for perfect harmony.
It was a great featureless region of few resources and little strategic value, hosting a mishmash of minor campaigns undertaken by quarrelsome, second-rate generals.
A mishmash of both - "Manglish" - is also commonly used.
Regarding the mishmash of security regulations introduced by various authorities and airports following last month's terrorist scare, Mayrhuber said the industry needs a "practical approach," although he acknowledged the definition of "practical" was elusive.
Is there some point/counter point reason to allow such a moral mishmash opposite the well-reasoned article by Steven Zunes, "Congressional resolution supporting Israeli attacks hurts U.
Against the analytic mishmash that dominates contemporary journalism, the book is also part of an emerging historiographic cottage industry that seeks to understand the formation of the American middle class in the first half of the nineteenth century.
All of which can be blamed, of course, on a starting rotation that, with the obvious exception of right-hander Brad Penny, has yet to find its footing and a bullpen that, with the obvious exception of closer Danys Baez, appears to be a confusing mishmash of ineptitude.
The most familiar Bible stories--such as the birth of Jesus--are a mishmash of the four accounts with the contradictions stripped away to fashion a coherent narrative.
Thought streaming is the endless mental chatter, distinct from logical thinking, that saps energy and the ability to concentrate while offering nothing in return; it can be speculative, self-depreciating, anxious, but it is always focused upon the self and always a haphazard mishmash that interferes with constructive pursuits.
Some of the stuff is juxtaposed on purpose with similar overall shapes or themes, but overall it's a mishmash of stuff that's good for whiling away a few minutes here or there.
But Leptoprin (it's also called Anorex) is actually an exorbitantly priced mishmash of ingredients like calcium, aspirin, the amino acid L-tyrosine, and a few herbs and roots.
Otherwise, your university may wind up with a mishmash of incompatible software.