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The mishegoss is less to be sorted than to be gathered, if
Sid Applebaum has a mishegoss (Yiddish for a wacky, absurd belief).
As I write this, a Lipsky editorial is exploiting the current Elian mishegoss to launch a pre-emptive attack on Jews who do not support the Jesse Helms line on Cuba.
Now, as one senior agent points out, "with the whole mishegoss between (Berg and Wiatt) over with .
In the midst of the general mishegoss, the crazies have as many reasons as they have covenants.
But however you interpret this semi-Gnostic mishegoss, do see Three Lives and Only One Death.
One son is dressed up like the other, which looks ridiculous but somehow it works, and meanwhile outside the tent flap Rebecca our mother is clutching her forehead and doing double takes, because cause she's the one that cooked up the whole mishegoss.
Colin Powell started this mishegoss when, after writing that he was "troubled by the political passion of those on the extreme right who seem to claim divine wisdom on political as well as spiritual matters"' he backtracked all the way to seeing himself as "generally in line with the Christian right.
Converting at the speed of MS-DOS, Embracing every sort of mishegoss, He still stayed kind.