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I give you this warning because I wish to pass briefly over the story of my misfortunes, for recalling them to memory only serves to add fresh ones, and the less you question me the sooner shall I make an end of the recital, though I shall not omit to relate anything of importance in order fully to satisfy your curiosity.
It appears that the heart already wounded so many times suffers from the least scratch; it appears that it considers as a good the momentary absence of evil, which is nothing but the absence of pain; and that God, into the most terrible misfortunes, has thrown hope as the drop of water which the rich bad man in hell entreated of Lazarus.
Far from us the idea of coming to defend him who has had the misfortune to offend your majesty.
Our misfortune is doubly hard to us; we have not only lost that lovely darling boy, but this poor girl, whom I sincerely love, is to be torn away by even a worse fate.
With the effects of Hurricane Katrina still deep in our thoughts, NovaStor wants to encourage small business owners to learn from the terrible misfortune that others have recently suffered and be prepared for the worst when Hurricane Rita hits," says NovaStor CEO Peter Means.
In the eyes of the women who have had the good fortune--or misfortune, depending on your age or build--to experience "Hot Johnny" right up close and personal, there was much more to the man than his reputation as a sweet-talking Don Juan.
If the tuna has the misfortune to attack what looks like a school of little fish but is actually a school of cookie-cutters, "the damage these sharks inflict would make their company as appealing as a swarm of wasps," Widder observes.
Paul Mcgrath's return to the international football scene next month is guaranteed - thanks to the misfortune of old mate Steve Staunton.
Escobar's misfortune equals opportunity elsewhere, and the dawn of Opening Night on Tuesday saw two milestones that looked remote a week ago: Kevin Gregg starting the season in a big-league rotation and Jake Woods starting the season in the Angels' bullpen.
When scientists arrive in the laboratory on a Monday morning and discover that some of their prized mice died over the weekend, the misfortune tends to get their attention.
She is deceived and manipulated by her family even though she is the only one who can save them from their own misfortune.
The computer-animated film - featuring the voice of Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis - received mixed reviews and had the misfortune of opening only five days after the debut of Pixar Animation Studios' phenomenally successful ``The Incredibles.
As executed here, it's simply another ugly American trying to cash in on the misfortune of others.
A traditional Western Apache belief holds that praying over the plant helps protect people and horses from misfortune and returns eclipsed celestial bodies to their proper heavenly abode, she adds.