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deserving or inciting pity

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Sutterer told the household of the misfortunate event, Joyce Smith-- John's mother-- ran to her son's bedside and began to hope.
Sutterer told the household of the misfortunate event, Joyce Smith-- John's mom-- went to her child's bedside and started to pray.
Sutterer told the family members of the misfortunate event, Joyce Smith-- John's mommy-- ran to her child's bedside and started to hope.
As if to endear himself further to the fans, Kuszczak placed a patronising pat on the head of the misfortunate marksman.
Given the harsh, volatile security environment of South Asia thanks to the decades old Indo-Pak rivalry, this misfortunate scheme of events against Pakistan got translated as a blessing for Hawkish Indian policy makers, researchers and political leaders.
It is quite misfortunate even after the lapse of 6 years, new body Commission for Standard in Institutions of Higher Education and research, scientific and Technical Institutions has not been established in place of HEC.
As the French COP President Laurent Fabius stated in his speech before the final draft was tabled: "(I)f, today, we were so misfortunate as to fail, how could we rebuild hope?
After all, Rodriguez herself repeatedly iterates that her purpose is to help the misfortunate women of Afghanistan, "I had great pain for the women of Afghanistan.
Although the happy couple, who wedded in October 2013 , are expecting their first baby together, Carole revealed that she had a misfortunate miscarriage two months after getting pregnant with her first child, reported Al Jaras Magazine.
The ILoveYou bug was spread to anyone who was misfortunate enough to be listed as a contact in an infected computer's Outlook Address Book.
I was unlucky and became misfortunate I became the wayfarer of the wandering dervish alley The life shows a lion in my horoscopy Alas, that lion is old The astrologist and fortune teller Predicted well my fortune Since he was good fortunate He sat on the throne of kingship
Jean Walker's sensitive treatment of the applications of mercury to misfortunate children suffering from various venereal diseases makes clear the moral climate in which sex-related diseases were assessed.
I am deeply grateful that your efforts to refute these misfortunate people has begun.
The paper wonders whether the statement of Astrid Thors, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, given during her recent visit to Macedonia in which she assessed that the verdict in the Monster murder case could aggravate interethnic relations in Macedonia could be seen as a misfortunate statement, as a warning of the possible consequences or as putting of pressure on the Macedonian justice system.