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deserving or inciting pity

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SRINAGAR -- Governor N N Vohra has said adherence of some people to fundamentalist ideologies gave birth to tension in Kashmir and brought misfortunate to the state over the years.
I have either the fortune or misfortunate trait of heading toward the middle of any topic," he told me recently.
Belev Echad had started on the sole purpose of supplying nothing but joy to both misfortunate children and adults when the members of the organization travel each week to many hospitals across the country of Israel, carrying their music instruments, sing and play the songs based on their crowd's requests.
There were significant public policy debates as the courts reconsidered liability; the legislatures weakened it; and people themselves sought to insulate themselves from misfortunate.
I expect that as you reflect on old age as an internment in prison you think this is a darkly misfortunate metaphor.
By then, though, Blyth had claimed a winner, Matlock captain James Lukic following Slaughter's misfortunate lead by deflecting Dale's cross past his own goalkeeper.
Therefore, it would be misfortunate if future engineers were to lead us to rapid technological changes, even though they were the pioneers who technically shaped the society.
5: "'lovers who, after unhappy or misfortunate happenings, attained happiness'" 309).
And what about my misfortunate well wishes to superstitious ace Mario Andretti before a Formula One car race?
Of course, 'ordinariness' is not always a term that suits misfortunate Palestinian refugees in Arab countries.
TheThousandWordscolthashad the misfortunate to bump into two from the Richard Hannon yard who look way above average.
8220;Getting involved in the lives of misfortunate children is something everyone should consider doing at some time in their lives,” said Roger Janik, president and principal of Server Side Design.
Future research could focus on the feedback loop and its effect on governmental programs such as intercity education programs to help free misfortunate people from their feedback loop.
In a similar vein, I Ching or the Chinese zodiac chart do not advocate that a person will be fortunate or misfortunate the whole of his/her life, but rather, a person's live is mixed with loss and gain.
Kraft, wife of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, had such "a big heart" and had always tried to help the misfortunate through her charitable efforts.