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someone unable to adapt to their circumstances

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In the final phase of the paradox when the Grandmother acknowledges her kinship to The Misfit as a fellow sinner it does her no apparent good as he shoots "her three times through the chest" (CS 132), yet in death we see her "half sit .
Faced with the Misfit and his gang, Bailey insists that he is in charge, but he is helpless to act.
At 150 degrees of turn, the lead aircraft, Misfit 21, began to automatically dispense flares.
But on another level it also suggests Christ's rebuke to Peter when Peter tried to call him good, and Jesus responded that no one should be called good (Mark 10:18)--a mistake the Grandmother makes repeatedly in her encounter with the Misfit.
From a feminist perspective these Magi who resist patriarchal violence and lift up the compassion and wisdom of God could as easily be named as misfits, mothers, and uppity women.
Such low performance comes about through misfit of the organization to its situation combining with other causes that depress organizational performance.
Like Rudolph and the elf who wanted to be a dentist, we were different in age and experience but we shared misfit status.
announces new speakers, a special co-presented case study by Coca-Cola & Misfit Wearables and an exciting new product release by Rumble at the inaugural GMIC New York conference taking place on June 11, 2015 at Chelsea Pier in New York City.
The collection is now available for pre-order in the US exclusively on misfit.
WORK Technology Summit, we'll be hearing from Misfit in the session on Wearable Technology & Personalised Healthcare.
11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Misfit Shine placed second at the Consumer Electronics Show's Last Gadget Standing.
She said: "I saw it as paying respect to my past, because I used to be a misfit.
But after the dark elegy of his post-9/11 work, ``City of Twist'' (2003), and the anger and violence of ``Island of Misfit Toys,'' he needed to come up for air and light.
PORTSMOUTH boss Harry Redknapp is ready to show Senegal misfit Salif Diao the Fratton Park exit door at the end of the season.
Nobody, who befriends a misfit talking parakeet named Chatterbox, or C.