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Synonyms for misery

Synonyms for misery

a state of prolonged anguish and privation

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

Synonyms for misery

a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune

a feeling of intense unhappiness

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The union that represents Ryanair pilots on Sunday suspended a planned strike - capping a year of industrial relations misery in some of Europe's big airlines.
Yet Western governments are neglecting an opportunity to reduce the great misery caused by mental illness, even though the net cost would be nil.
ASDA has triggered a petrol price scramble as oil giants are accused of exploiting hurricane misery.
Micro-pub Hard Times & Misery on Maryland Street is a strong contender for the title of Liverpool's smallest pub.
Dominion Diamond has reported positive results from a prefeasibility study (PFS) of development of an underground mine, to be called "Misery Deep," below the Misery open pit at Ekati diamond mining operations in Canada's Northwest Territories, approximately 300 km northeast of Yellowknife.
The misery index is constructed and Johansen and Juselious test of co-integration is employed to check long run relationship among variables.
A quarter of all children in the UK are living in poverty, and one in five parents is struggling to feed their children When even a High Court judge reckons that a cap on the benefits the poor can be entitled to causes "real misery for no good purpose" then it is time to take stock.
Contract award: receiving and management of municipal waste generated in the residential real estate in the commune misery.
All is fine until she reads the new book in which the author has killed off a heroine named Misery who has appeared in a string of romances.
An index that seeks to measure the level of misery in a country concludes that Iran has the fifth highest level of misery among the 108 countries rated.
Through a simple sum of the former three rates, minus year-on-year per capita GDP growth, I constructed a misery index that comprehensively ranks 89 countries based on misery.
Cato looked at the countries' economic performance-consumer price, unemployment, interest rate, gross domestic product-and political leadership to assess the misery index.
There is no price to seize power and such bestsellers whose real authors are the ambitious leaders, offer a list of wishes and become the last hope for rescue from the misery and poverty.
THROUGHOUT the land and mainly in the West Country, there is no let-up in the misery and destruction caused by severe flooding.