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Synonyms for miserableness

a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune

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But the growth is impressive enough by itself, and nothing less than spectacular when compared to the miserableness of the previous regime.
In the rest of the country there's that British miserableness that at its worst wills other people to fail.
THANK goodness, amidst the dreich, dank, grey, miserableness that is snow, and in the post-festivity lack-of-fitness slump, that for half an hour, once a week, I can retreat to my bed, hide under my duvet and watch the glorious Miranda.
Foreigners call it British whingeing but I don't think whingeing does the unedifying miserableness of our national character justice.
quite Si HnQs Sixty years into her reign and Her Royal Miserableness is now 4-7 with Hills to surpass Queen Victoria's 63-year stint on the throne.
Straight through their helpless miserableness he pierced; the one sensational truth in him, transfixed like beetles all the speculative lies in them.