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Synonyms for miserable

Synonyms for miserable

suffering from usually prolonged anguish

having a painful ailment

a person living under very unhappy circumstances

Synonyms for miserable

very unhappy

Related Words

of the most contemptible kind

of very poor quality or condition

characterized by physical misery


Related Words

contemptibly small in amount

References in classic literature ?
Need we hire a herald, or shall I announce, that the son of Ariston (the best) has decided that the best and justest is also the happiest, and that this is he who is the most royal man and king over himself; and that the worst and most unjust man is also the most miserable, and that this is he who being the greatest tyrant of himself is also the greatest tyrant of his State?
And will any one say that he is not a miserable caitiff who remorselessly sells his own divine being to that which is most godless and detestable?
Nature by making habit omnipotent, and its effects hereditary, has fitted the Fuegian to the climate and the productions of his miserable country.
retorted the trapper, "that is the miserable cry of all the half-starved miscreants that have come into this blessed land, since the days of my boyhood
and it proves how great He must be, when His miserable creatur's can accomplish such wonders
Cruel enough would be the order, that should come from miserable hands like thine
Nothing occurred to my thought to contradict any of these conclusions, and therefore it rested upon me with the greater force, that it must needs be that God had appointed all this to befall me; that I was brought into this miserable circumstance by His direction, He having the sole power, not of me only, but of everything that happened in the world.
My condition began now to be, though not less miserable as to my way of living, yet much easier to my mind: and my thoughts being directed, by a constant reading the Scripture and praying to God, to things of a higher nature, I had a great deal of comfort within, which till now I knew nothing of; also, my health and strength returned, I bestirred myself to furnish myself with everything that I wanted, and make my way of living as regular as I could.
If she spoiled everybody who came near her with kindness and compliments--if she begged pardon of all her servants for troubling them to answer the bell--if she apologized to a shopboy who showed her a piece of silk, or made a curtsey to a street- sweeper with a complimentary remark upon the elegant state of his crossing--and she was almost capable of every one of these follies-- the notion that an old acquaintance was miserable was sure to soften her heart; nor would she hear of anybody's being deservedly unhappy.
She carries laudanum with her-- I saw the bottle in her room--such a miserable little room--at a third-rate house, the Elephant, up in the roof at the top of all.
Just as I approached the swing-door leading into the hall from the servants' offices, it was violently opened from the other side, and Rosanna Spearman ran by me, with a miserable look of pain in her face, and one of her hands pressed hard over her heart, as if the pang was in that quarter.
I was knocking the balls about," he said, "and trying to get this miserable business of the Diamond out of my mind.
I am not in my proper bed," answered the Sergeant, "because I am one of the many people in this miserable world who can't earn their money honestly and easily at the same time.
After this spell of miserable weather we will be dreadfully short of many of our birds, we can help save them by just putting out food and especially water which is invaluable to keep the birds alive.
The X Factor judge said while she wanted to keep their family together, she hoped the Black Sabbath singer would be miserable.