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Synonyms for misdirection

an incorrect charge to a jury given by a judge

incorrect directions or instructions

management that is careless or inefficient

the act of distracting


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A clear effort of misdirection, as well as a concerted effort, by some, to aim their fire against the attorney general," Clerides said.
Mohammad (PBUH) is the manifestation of justice, trustworthiness, ethics and divine grace, savior of mankind from darkness and misdirection, and messenger of peace, friendship and brotherhood," Larijani said in his message on Saturday.
From the plethora of the professor's videotaped and snarky comments, it should now be apparent to every "stupid American" that the framers of PPACA engaged in misdirection worthy of Penn & Teller.
Last week Tony Hughes (James Nesbitt, pictured) bludgeoned Ian Garrett to death on his yacht, and, in a superb piece of misdirection, it was revealed that Garrett's wife was only imagining that her husband was still alive.
Carstensen explained that the Web misdirection was like someone changing phone numbers in your phone book, and said that that is what essentially happened: Turkish ISPs have set up servers that masquerade as Google's DNS service.
Masquerade Required: Preserving Male Essence in the Misdirection Film
Characteristic presenting signs as well as response to therapy suggest aqueous misdirection was the cause of ocular hypertension in this owl.
They said that such marches show Syrians' determination to defend their country and defy the forces of darkness, ignorance and extremism, and that they affirm they failure of media misdirection campaign that seek to drive wedges among Syrians.
Asked if the appearance of the picture of Jeane and the President on Wednesday night could be an "attempt at misdirection," Carandang said: "It seems that way.
It is time to eliminate all the misdirection and mismanagement that Bashar Al Assad regime has organised through many years, Corbin said.
However, in the real world there are gangs of light-fingered lowlifes who rely on cunning, the power of misdirection and teamwork to relieve hard-working folks of their cash.
Assertions that the church does not currently have a big problem are self-serving misdirection, as events this March in Philadelphia clearly demonstrated.
It is hypothesized that autism patients, who do not "pick up" on nonverbal cues, will not be fooled by misdirection and will be able to spot the maneuver underlying the trick.
Believing that US strategy for homeland security is at best piece-meal, leading to misdirection and waste of national resources, the editors (all of the Institute on Globalization & Security at the U.
Magic involves all sorts of principles, primarily misdirection by means of eye contact," he said.