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Synonyms for misdirect

lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions

put a wrong address on


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A MAN who violently raped a German girl after misdirecting her to a remote area while she gave him a lift home was jailed for 10 years.
After all, it's about people misdirecting their passions, whether hateful and loving, in the midst of a shared, unfolding tragedy.
BOSTON -- More than 70% of companies are misdirecting their spending on sales technology and need to realign their investments in a way that better integrates sales and marketing efforts and fosters a collaborative environment, according to a new report by Aberdeen Group.
A If this vice president is lying to become a card-carrying control freak, he is going to have to do more than park at the fax machine misdirecting incoming messages, and then denying and ultimately admitting what he did.
STRAIGHT GOODS--On-line reporter for Straight Goods who broke story of warlords misdirecting US air hits used war zone experiences - including those of his friend Danny Pearl - to avoid capture.