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Although Lungu has praised the Ministry for its tender cancellation move, but has added that these types of misdeeds call for punishment, or else these might have a detrimental effect on future procurements.
Once again, they are not held accountable to anyone, despite their misdeeds.
Others students are also being examined after a suspicion that Xiao Xue isn't the only victim of Ms Gu's misdeeds and so far three more kids have been found out with red marks on their face.
However, the bench was of the view that all misdeeds could not be excused only on the basis of apologies and need to take action against them.
It's just to admit misdeeds and not to repeat those misdeeds," Cho Tai Young told a press briefing.
Reacting to the allegations of influencing CAG officials and meeting them at his residence on a holiday, Joshi said: "The government wants to cover-up all the misdeeds and corrupts practices, which have been highlighted by these institutions.
In his speech, Dacre referred to newspapers exposing "the misdeeds of the rich, the powerful and the pompous", and Church argued that newspaper editors fall under at least two of those labels.
KARACHI, January 22, 2010 (Frontier Star): PML-Q secretary general Mushahid Hussain has said the incumbent government is facing no threat from any where and if there is any, it is due to their misdeeds.
The officers who conducted themselves shamefull did so in the presence of their senior of- ficers, who apparently stood by whilst these misdeeds went on.
25), he writes, "Catholics from cultures lacking Anglo-Saxon concepts of corporate liability, which includes Italy, sometimes struggle to understand why bishops should be held accountable for the misdeeds of their priests.
A profound saga about the consequences of sin and misdeeds, and the importance of keeping God in one's heart, Redemption's Song balances the misery caused by selfish behavior with the potential for atonement through God's loved.
Now districts are using the system to uncover financial misdeeds among school employees.
The title: Honest Patriots: loving a country enough to remember its misdeeds (OUP, USA.
Through prayer and fasting, we are able to concentrate on what we should be doing all year long - making atonement for our misdeeds to other people and to God.