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an inaccurate count

count wrongly

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However, when Keskin read the decision in the Official Gazette it was revealed that the court had miscounted the number of votes.
Race organisers had miscounted entrants in the run, and failed to notice that a person had gone missing.
The movement, which was founded by Laszlo Toroczkai in 2001, got its name from the miscounted number of local government units.
The umpire miscounted the number of legitimate balls, producing a 22-ball over in which 77 runs were scored, 69 of them by wicketkeeper Lee Germon.
Played by Nicholas Hammond - better known as the young Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound of Music - our favourite blue and red crime fighter (sorry Superman) had his '70s small screen outings hampered by terrible special effects, sluggish fight scenes that looked like the stunt choreographer had miscounted his tablets that morning and a cheesy wah-wah guitar theme tune.
But that didn't excuse the whole thing being like such a soporific, middle-of-the-road cavalcade of yesterday's stars that in trying to make sense of it I felt like a city centre traffic warden who'd miscounted his Valium that morning.
When they failed to find the peeler, production staff on the new show were asked to double-check their records only to discover they had miscounted their equipment and hadn't actually lost anything.
Crucially for Kist, though, he took the first leg of the 12th set and, when O'Shea miscounted while trying to check out on 112, he took the second as well.
Although she was a beaten odds-on favourite it was not all doom and gloom as unfortunately it appeared her jockey had miscounted his use of the whip.
The letter also states that other areas of the city were miscounted, although far less substantially.
8km loop remaining, but he had miscounted and sat up in the saddle punching the air.
This would speed up counting votes, eliminate the need for manual counts and remove the possibility of ballot papers being miscounted.
Apart from reducing the cost of laborious manual counts and recounts, it will also eliminate the errors of votes being miscounted, mislaid or marked (and thus invalidated) accidentally or deliberately during a manual vote-count.
The CEC has concluded that the votes were miscounted, and the ruling party GERB should receive one more MP, whereas the DPS party (Movement for Rights and Freedoms) should vacate one MP spot.
It added that it had found a number of "indicators of fraud" such as unfolded and miscounted ballots, votes for candidates inserted inside bundles for other candidates, and lists of voters with numerous fictitious card numbers.