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(chemistry, physics) capable of being mixed

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As aforementioned, most studies have revealed that PHB is not miscible with starch and the blends of the two materials have unsatisfactory properties.
An example is a polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene oxide) material containing a crosslinkable polymer, poly(methylsilsesquioxane), miscible with the oxide block.
She said the new PHA copolymers are readily miscible with PVC and can perform as high-molecular-weight, readily dispersible flexibi I izers that show low migration, low extractables, and little volatile loss or staining characteristics.
EOR development designed to export 10,000 cum per day oil and miscible gas injection (MGI) of 6 mmscmd at 450 bar -- via excess gas pipeline from Harweel to RHIP and sour gas injection upto 12 mmscmd from RHIP back into Harweel reservoirs.
These products are formulated with high-performance pigments, milled to very fine standards for ease of penetration, and are exceptionally clean and transparent, as well as very miscible in water or acetone containing systems.
The cleaning composition is comprised of a water miscible solvent; an inorganic salt selected from the group consisting of sodium chloride, sodium bromide, magnesium bromide, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, potassium bromide and zinc chloride, and water.
Oman is now undertaking thermal, chemical and miscible gas injection projects towards the goal of enhancing recovery, Petroleum Development OmanEoe1/4aos Deputy Managing Director Dr.
These basics are followed by nine chapters detailing the rheological behavior of specific polymeric materials, including flexible homopolymers, miscible polymer blends, block copolymers, liquid- crystalline polymers, and thermoplastic polyurethanes.
The thermoplastic is dissolved in the solvent and the hardener is capable of reaction with the solvent, wherein the reaction product that can be formed from the solvent and the hardener is not miscible with the thermoplastic.
The DynaShear[R] Sanitary In-Line High Shear Mixer can blend, dissolve, disperse and emulsify both miscible and immiscible fluids.
Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) has patented a process for drying protein crystals starting from an aqueous protein crystal suspension, which comprises drying the protein crystal suspension in a centrifugal dryer, where the protein crystals, after they have been filtered off from the protein crystal suspension, are brought into contact with a drying medium which consists of a mixture of water and a nonaqueous solvent which is miscible with water in any ratio and which has a lower vapor pressure than water.
The DynaShear[TM] will blend, dissolve, disperse and emulsify both miscible and immiscible fluids.
Manage complex recovery methods such as chemical flooding, miscible displacement and thermal recovery
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Water Miscible Feed supplement containing, Immune stimulant to boost immune system containing, Soluble calcium and Phosphorus containing, Tylosin Tartarate, Tylvalosin 249-250 g, Levofloxacin with 100mg/ml, etc.