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(chemistry, physics) capable of being mixed

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Harweel 2AB was commissioned in April 2012 and staff and contractors have overcome a series of technical and operational challenges to deliver a project that is performing impressively well, with high uptimes and strong oil and gas recoveries, maximizing miscible gas injection and gas export and reducing flaring.
Miscible gas injection at Harweel: The Harweel miscible gas injection project came on stream in 2012 and by the end of 2013 production had risen to 30,000 barrels per day (bpd).
A negative deviation was observed in miscible system, and a complicated variation in immiscible blend.
Metabolix's newly developed PHA copolymer "rubbers" are miscible with PVC, have a Tg range from -8[degrees] to -28[degrees]C, and are thermally stable at PVC processing conditions.
Company's impellers are engineered to fit the most challenging application, from miscible and immiscible fluids blending to solids suspension and high viscosity fluid mixing.
Surfynol 420 surfactant offers the best combination of wetting and defoaming while Surfyol 440 surfactant 465 and 485 surfactants are completely miscible in water.
Among his topics are equations of state theories for polymers, phase behavior, partially miscible blends, polymer alloys, binary diffusion in polymer blends, copolymer composition, and the sequence distribution of copolymers.
Both miscible and immiscible displacements were evaluated based on the reservoir pressure criteria available in the public domain.
In this paper the phenomenon of longitudinal dispersion in the flow of two miscible fluid through porous media with singular perturbation method has been discussed.
This block copolymer is miscible in a wide range of plastics, which enables it to be used as a compatibiliser in multi-polymer systems.
Nitrogen was selected as a substitute makeup gas on the primary basis of pioneer work reported by Koch and Hutchinson on miscible displacement of reservoir oil using flue gas (Koch and Hutchinson 1958).
The company is moving ahead with its planned implementation of three huge enhanced oil recovery projects Au the miscible gas project at Harweel, the steam injection project at Qarn Alam, and the polymer injection project at Marmul.
Part III describes applications of DG methods to solid mechanics (linear elasticity), fluid dynamics (Stokes and Navier-Stokes), and porous media flow (two-phase and miscible displacement).
The dispersion comprises a water miscible organic solvent and a polyureaurethane with a THF copolymer soft segment featuring 25%-60% by weight of ethylene glycol as a comonomer and an aromatic diisocyanate.
We are one of the few oil companies in the world that is executing world-scale projects in each of the three commonly-used EOR technologies: thermal, chemical and miscible gas," he said.