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in a disobedient or naughty way

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It now appears that this very limited provision is being mischievously and possibly malevolently exploited in a wider political battle.
It's a crushingly tough game but knowingly and mischievously so.
The piece had misinformed "the public with mischievously orchestrated data with the intent of causing disaffection among the populace thereby subverting government", said the secret intelligence service.
Thanks also to Neil Weldon, who organised all the key operatives, George, Brandon and Russell who supplied scaffolding, bricks and muscles to repair the damage done (mostly to the World Cup section) by over-enthusiastic fans who were told mischievously that the wall was to come down and rebuilt at the Riverside, so decided to grab a souvenir.
Which, given my penchant for mischievously releasing our family hounds from their room at inopportune moments, is my first taste of life imitating art.
The Argentina international has scored 22 Premier League goals for Roberto Mancini's side, but England defender Ferdinand has mischievously suggested that the energy Tevez shows on a matchday is not necessarily reflected in his attitude to training.
At PBT, he delved into contemporary ballets by Dwight Rhoden, Derek Deane, and Twyla Tharp, shining mischievously in her Nine Sinatra Songs.
Hopefully that was the last time that City prise away one of our prize assets though - it would be unbearable to have to go through the whole palaver again, although some press reports have already started mischievously linking them with Pienaar.
In a statement issued here on Monday, Professor Khursheed Ahmad said the idea of placing US commando forces on Indo-Pakistan border has also been mischievously floated.
It has also been suggested, mischievously, that he could plump for Notting Hill - the expensive west London suburb where he notoriously bought a house using a loan from Coventry MP Geoffrey Robinson, then a ministerial colleague.
The site gets its name from the often misheard verse in Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze when he sings: "Scuse me, while I kiss the sky" - often mischievously misheard as "Scuse me, while I kiss this guy".
The mischievously named Goats do Roam wine range from South Africa is introducing two additions in the festive season.
Shaq's face, grinning mischievously, appeared on the overhead video screen, with ``Shaquille'' as the unnecessary caption.
I like a play to misbehave as it progresses," Harrison adds, grinning mischievously.
But McKenna mischievously warns: "Liverpool had to get back three goals in only half a game against AC Milan in the final - and they did it.