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5) Motor of the garments of the washer: the engine is coupled to the mischief-maker or the plate and creates it rotator movement.
THIS mischief-maker was stuck in an arcade machine for 30 minutes after squeezing through a flap.
It is believed Man United's Ferdinand, 33, may be lead mischief-maker as he starred in a similar show called Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups in 2006.
Now, his outrageous adventures are hitting the dual screen of the 3DS, featuring three exciting worlds for the titular mischief-maker to explore.
Now, his outrageous adventures made so popular in the BAFTA-nominated CiTV series are hitting the dual screen of the 3DS, featuring three exciting worlds for the titular mischief-maker to explore.
2005 Nancy Cartwright, the voice of mischief-maker Bart Simpson, was elected mayor of Northridge in Los Angeles.
The arrival of Bow Fox, a landscape painter and supercilious mischief-maker, causes further havoc among the family members.
A Lib Dem spokesperson said: "Carl Sargeant is an expert mischief-maker.
Her VIP treatment began when she was woken by Hariboy, the loveable mischief-maker, knocking at her door, and then whisked away in the gigantic Haribo truck, filled with sweets and gifts, to the Birmingham Megabowl, where she was greeted by nine friends.
95), illustrated with many full-page drawings by Sophy Williams and requiring good reading skills or parental assistance as it tells of a poor mischief-maker and lazy boy whose encounter with enchantment changes his life.
He really needs a blessing,'' said Diana Berrones, talking about her mischief-maker Buster.
Kokopelli = a Southwestern Native American deity, shape-shifter, mischief-maker depicted early petroglyphs
This implies you're considering the possibility that the woman who phoned you was a mischief-maker.
The mischief-maker has also inspired copycat strikes on phone boxes acrossWallasey, including a lawnmower near Tesco in Bidston, a stereo in Clarendon Road, a chest of drawers in Poulton Road, a milk crate in Lyncroft Road and a vacuum cleaner in Rappart Road.
Unless the victim now contacts officers, it must be assumed that the claims were, at best, an urban myth, or, at worst, the work of a mischief-maker.