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48 System 1: Musical "Recovery miscellanea Theme" and of early Child Theme, continuity Domestica draft System 2: for alternate "Child connection Theme," between Domestica Leiden and System 3-4: "Genesung.
Di sicuro rilievo e il fatto che il brano dei Miscellanea anticipi di circa vent'anni la princeps nell'originale testo greco dei Moralia plutarchei, (10) dati alle stampe solo nel 1509 per opera di Aldo Manuzio.
Chapter 1, "Miscellanea: The Garden of Curiosities and Macabre Theater," also flirts with the distinction between modern and postmodern perspectives; Castillo discusses the literary miscellanea of Torquemada and Medrano, comparing these "eclectic literary cabinets," which reproduce "folkloric hearsay" and "pseudo-autobiographic anecdotes," effectively transforming "the sense-making myths and symbols of the ancient world into literary curiosities," not unlike modern fantasy (40).
Natural History Miscellanea, Chicago Academy of Science 55:1-3.
Throw in some port charges, customs fees and other miscellanea, and it becomes apparent that a good portion of tax revenue actually is generated merely by the fact that it's calculated on top of other tax revenue.
Infectious diseases transmitted by transfusion; a miscellanea.
In recent decades, critics have not only shown that the manuscript functioned as a coherent whole, as opposed to a miscellanea, but also explained how the collection intricately brings together images of pilgrimage (spiritual exile and reconciliation), representations of a "Guest/Host theology" (epitomized by the relationship between Christ and St.
Preparation can also entail buying miscellanea for use in the courtroom.
2001 The Papers of George Augustus Robinson, Chief Protector, Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate, Volume 3, Miscellanea, Heritage Matters, Clarendon.
If your own list of oft-hooked miscellanea does not, as mine does, include cat fur, you may feel free to substitute any of a dozen or more random items you can probably recall from sad experience, maybe even your lucky cap.
892 Source: Our data elaboration of Galluzzi, Istoria del Granducato di Toscana sotto il governo della casa Medici, 1: 381-83, and 2: 221; Cantini, Legislazione toscana raccolta e illustrata, 4: 83-84; Chorley, "The Volume of Cloth Production," 558, 560; ASF, Miscellanea medicea, 27/III, cc.
How words, language and thoughts intermingle, their relationship with 'silence and society' is the focus of this remarkable little volume that continues definitions, word usage examples, and such miscellanea as imprecations and misspent words.
Thomas Baldwin surveys Keynes' early ethical treatise Miscellanea ethica (1905) and notes that it departs from Moore by offering a relational, rather than objective, account of the good.