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marry or cohabit with a person of another race

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While the Twilight phenomenon erases the vampire's link to racial discourses, thereby erasing the power of the figure to miscegenate, the various ways in which the above texts reposition the figure allow for a blurring of racial boundaries.
5) Roger Luckhurst, '"Horror and Beauty in Rare Combination": The Miscegenate Fictions of Octavia Butler', Women: A Cultural Review, 7.
Along with this Romanesque architecture, the Norman Conquest would import feudalism, mark the transition from Old English to Middle English, and miscegenate the language suitably enough to say new words like "castle," "pork," "crime," "gentleman," "tort," and even more useful ones like "aperitif.
47) Such fusion in the court would trigger white panic over the supposed horrors of miscegenate impurity and chaotic violation of imperial, linear perspective, but here the rainbow fusion characterizes the Spirit's superior, holy state.
Sexual(ized) body parts become commodity fetishes that miscegenate peoples from both sides of the colonizing divide.
Despite this failure to truly overcome racial boundaries, the film succeeds within its ability to provide a tragically ironic commentary on its inability to miscegenate.
Horror and Beauty in Rare Combination: The Miscegenate Fictions of Octavia Butler.
But copulation with it, as we have seen, will always be disjunctive, a productive determination that cannot coincide with itself and will always miscegenate.
In Rushdie's dizzying, inclusive universe, the dispossessed, the exiled, the colonizers and the colonized clash, multiply and miscegenate.