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branded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements


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The unregistered and misbranded pesticides were used to clean ultrasound and mammography equipment and other surfaces in health care facilities.
any shipment of foreign manufactured sodium thiopental being offered for importation that appears to be an unapproved new drug or a misbranded drug," said spokeswoman Lyndsay Meyer in a prepared statement.
Harvey Wiley, the head of the Department of Chemistry within the Department of Agriculture, campaigned for a federal pure food bill to prohibit both adulterated and misbranded food, beverages, and drugs.
17) In the government's view, companies are not prosecuted merely for promoting their drugs--a criminalization of speech--but for selling misbranded drugs--a criminalization of conduct.
The complaint also alleged the firms' products were misbranded because they failed to identify the part of the plant from which the ingredients were derived, did not list the number of servings per container and failed to identify the serving size.
The federation, in its notice on January 3 (M AIL T ODAY has a copy of it), has blamed the food authority for letting " fake, wrongly labelled and misbranded organic products" deceive millions of consumers in India.
The indictment charges Aossey with conspiring to sell misbranded meat, making false statements on export certificates, wire fraud and money laundering.
and Robert Singleton and employees Eugene Corda and Felix Cabrera were charged with distribution of adulterated, misbranded and uninspected meat.
Their company, Quality Egg LLC, which includes the DeCosters' network of chicken and egg-laying farms in rural northern Iowa, is charged with introducing misbranded food into interstate commerce, a felony.
NYSE:AGN) and its pharmaceutical company subsidiary, SkinMedica, claiming that the companies have misbranded and unlawfully marketed Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS), a skin-care product line containing human growth factors obtained from human foreskin tissue which could increase the risk of cancer and pose other health risks, according to the complaint filed by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLC.
Caronia, the court vacated the conviction of Alfred Caronia, a pharmaceutical sales representative found guilty of conspiring to introduce a misbranded drug into commerce in violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), finding that his conviction, premised solely on his promotion of the drug for off label use, violated his free speech rights under the First Amendment.
175) Orphan Medical was also charged with one count of introducing a misbranded drug into interstate commerce with intent to defraud and mislead in the marketing of Xyrem.
Thrash told Arkansas Business last week that several food producers have misbranded products, "and Coke's one of them.
history--came in a case that centered on the government's claims that the drug company promoted several drugs for off-label uses, rendering the products misbranded and thus illegal under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).
s stores in Flushing, New York and Englewood, New Jersey revealed that the company was selling unregistered and misbranded pesticide products, including insect repellents, laundry detergents and disinfectants.