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hold a false or unorthodox belief

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Even more intensely than for Odysseus at his homecoming and anagnorisis, these paradigms of misbelieving fear and faith meet in the passion of Jesus.
On the contrary, Portia's intolerance is in line with the post-Reformation tendency to assuage anxiety about Christianity "by juxtaposing universally accepted Christian values with those of the stubborn, criminal, and misbelieving Jews" (Shapiro 107).
The ambiguity of his status as "a faithful Israelite or a carnal-minded, misbelieving Jew" (174) helps a reader understand much of the controversy regarding this work.
Secularists are commonly charged with hostility toward religion, and some do indeed disdain it; but, putting aside the occasional totalitarian, secularists are not generally inclined to kill people for misbelieving.
Unable to make a final decision, they keep changing their minds, oscillating in an endlessly repeated movement between believing and misbelieving, between reading the text as a joke |Scherz~ and reading it as straightforward |Ernst~, until, having been made dizzy |schwindlicht~ by this ever-accelerating vortex, they stop the process by blindly settling on whatever side they were last on.