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hold a false or unorthodox belief

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Illiteracy, poor socio-economic condition and social status of women and misbelieves are important contributory factors responsible for higher foetal mortality rates as all these factors prevent women to go to the hospital for regular ANC check-ups.
The deficiency and the misbelieves were corrected by means of one-to-one health education.
Alleviation of baseless worries and misbelieves associated with suffering from HCV infection
Moreover, teachers can confront the students' misbelieves by providing them with complete and accurate information regarding the course goals.
Thus, their purpose is to clarify misbelieves regarding the sense of certain economic theories and to identify and propose different views and approaches regarding socio-economic matters.
Contrary to our misbelieves, they clean our world (which we creatively pollute) as they hunt insects and pests when they are asleep at night and when they cannot see the bats which are highly energetic and can see at night.