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a person who holds religious beliefs in conflict with the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church

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Graduate students also report the misbelief that AT is only for students with sensory, physical, or significant intellectual disabilities: AT is still not seen as also benefiting students with learning and academic disabilities who struggle with writing, reading, and math computation.
22) Further, that state of misbelief is directly at odds with the requirement in step one that the norm in question be well-established and widely followed--after all, the norms that are most likely to be well-established and widely followed are the ones that everyone is clear on, not the ones that key actors are mistaken about.
CREATOR JULIAN FELLOWES' SERIES OVERVIEW There is a common misbelief that in January 1920 everyone broke into the Charleston and the 20s, as we know them, began.
Misbelief among pregnant women not receiving vaccination that vaccination would give them "the flu," having concerns about the safety risk to their infant if they were vaccinated, and lack of awareness about their risk for influenza were the most common reasons reported for not receiving vaccination.
Embracing teacher educator practices such as those described by Morrell and Schepige (2012) is one way of confronting Myers' misbelief.
But let's not make the mistake of doing it because of the misbelief that skin color or racial background is either a deterrent or a boost to the hard work of teaching or learning.
Misbelief misguidance and improper treatment in developing countries seem to be possible reasons for the difference in observations.
As we shall see between Oedipus and Jocasta, the deficiencies of Abram's faith are compounded in his spouse's misbelief.
59) The trope of Jewish blindness as figuring their misbelief is common in Christian exegesis; see Lampert, Gender and Jewish Difference, 28, 43-46, 121-22, and 147.
27) While the mother's demise seems "Death's natural hest," "To know she too is Death's seems misbelief .
Examples of misbelief would include any of the many superstitions that exist in society.
The common misbelief that older adults do not engage in sexual activities adds to the stigma and means people do not seek help early enough.
Within a half hour I was rereading a forensically precise dissection of the specious but widely indulged misbelief that any connection might be made between the Continental master's work and Rick's.
Contradicting my romantic misbelief that Europe was still full of little old winemakers who followed the time-honored ways, Santos insisted that the European fine wine producers are much more enthusiastic adopters of new technologies and products than their U.