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Both perspectives severely misapprehend Fanon and demonstrate how intellectuals have, at times, moderated and "unburdened" Fanon's anticolonial stance, ostensibly, for those intended to hear it.
He always looks for those who misapprehend, misinterpret him to deform their personality.
That perception led participants to misapprehend the degree of systemic risk that had come to permeate the US financial sector by the middle of this decade.
The Martens Clause should be understood as a cautionary principle, one that controls instances in which junior staff officers of an occupying power misapprehend applicable law and interpret LOAC as permitting the inhumane treatment of detainees.
Hence, to conceive of world literature as a neutral playing field on which all nations play the culture game equally is to misapprehend the reality of the situation--to misapprehend how the rules of the game have been socially constructed within a dynamic system of power relations.
The modern conservative movement has always seen itself as a populist insurgency, and liberals misapprehend it when they see the movement as an unswerving ally of big business.
In Northrop Frye and the Phenomenology of Myth, Glen Gill brings a new perspective to the thought and influence of Northrop Frye by adjusting existing perspectives that misapprehend Frye's treatment of myth.
As Mollenauer so succinctly puts it, "To ignore the central place of women at Versailles at Louis XIV's court is to fundamentally misapprehend its structure" (8).
The student may perform some subset of a task to be learned and that behavior may appropriately receive verbal reinforcement, but because of attention problems or delays in processing, the student may misapprehend the contingency underlying this reinforcement, causing disruptions in the learning process (cf.
These critics misapprehend the fundamental difference between the right to education and virtually every other right protected by our constitution.
Those who, in the name of scholarly objectivity, resolutely treat argument as ideology are destined to discount the significance of argument and to misapprehend the nature of politics.
Such studies, however scientifically sound they may be, misapprehend the nature of prayer.
Yet, like Luther's drunken donkey-rider (and Nicodemus), we tend to misapprehend both God and ourselves by perceiving half-truths--and even those wrongly (for "we," see especially v.
It is therefore odd that he offers a monolithic view of Nietzsche and insists that other readers distort, misunderstand, misapprehend, and misconstrue what Nietzsche really meant.
Sometimes an emotionally susceptible student can misapprehend the reality of a relationship with an admired teacher.