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Synonyms for misanthropic

Synonyms for misanthropic

believing the worst of human nature and motives

hating mankind in general

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Lead Balloon - Series 4 (15) MISANTHROPIC comedian Rick Spleen (Jack Dee) careens from one disaster to the next in six more episodes of the BBC Four comedy written by Dee and Pete Sinclair.
The scheme works on the misanthropic assumption that there is no such thing as altruism, and that kindness must be monetised.
While supporting the resolution adopted in condemnation of the Zionist regime [of Israel] over the inhumane and barbaric on the aid flotilla for Gaza, Iran views this incident (flotilla attack) as an instance of the regime's misanthropic nature," Mehman-Parast told reporters.
Victor's comparison between smoking and childhood is as bizarre as it is misanthropic.
The uncle at first seems to embody a misanthropic future from which Victor recoils, but finally reveals a benign side in explaining that he has managed Victor's inheritance so successfully that the youth has no need to work.
No one, no matter his or her political beliefs, could label either one of them as a whiner, a malcontent or in the least misanthropic.
There's a gloomy, misanthropic bloke with a ponytail whose name no one can remember, a greying, bearded professor who wears tropical shirts and spits in his coffee, and a wacky, dappy Brummie who powers her calculator with lemons and has a habit of confusing song lyrics and tunes.
It's easy to get misanthropic about the commercial excesses of Christmas, and agree with Ebenezer Scrooge that anyone mouthing Merry Christmas should be buried with a stake of holly through his heart.
Janeway, agreeably misanthropic as always, complements a cast of complex, fascinating characters, local color, and solid dialogue.
It read like the work of a misanthropic, trench-coat-wearing tenth-grader, not of the literary editor at one of the best magazines in print.
What we do know: There's a misanthropic loner named Louis (Michel Subor) living in a forest home on the French - Swiss border.
His A PARROT IN THE PEPPER TREE (095352275X) provides a sequel, continuing the story of his farm life as they clash with a misanthropic parrot who immerses himself in their life--and faces a threat to their valley from a proposed dam project.
But there seems to be a humanistic challenge behind the misanthropic complaint.
Not every Irishman is as misanthropic as Kennelly, thank heaven, or the best Irish literature would not have attracted the world audience which it deservedly enjoys--to which, sadly, Kennelly has contributed little.
In the very first chapter of every Harlequin, a hero is introduced, usually a misanthropic but secretly kindhearted man who is himself suffering from some kind of emotional wound.