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put a wrong address on


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To bring the problem into sharper focus, marketers should factor in printing costs for materials that are misaddressed or undeliverable, he says.
He said: "When the document was delivered, the recipient, recognising it had been misaddressed, simply put it back in the post to be returned to sender.
Presumably the resistible wife and the obnoxious husband did not exchange misaddressed mail over the breakfast table.
He cannot easily "awaken the dead" (Benjamin 257), for the Packard's journey is itself an allegory of the Dead Letter Office; that is, of the sealed and stagnant space where the Dead family's misaddressed desires fester and die.
Postal workers deliver more than 15 million misaddressed letters a week.
See Rest, supra note 3, at 325 (stating that an intercepted or misaddressed email may result in "danger .
Misaddressed E-mail: Another major problem with e-mail is the potential to misaddress or incorrectly forward or send an e-mail to an inappropriate party.
About the only security-related problem we've encountered has come from misaddressed messages being sent to the wrong person.
It was luck that I got the annual report at all, for the package had been partially misaddressed.
New Feature Prevents Information Leaks from Misaddressed Email Attachments and Provides an Environment for Secure File Exchanges