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There's no way of discussing the film's intricacies without giving away many of its pleasures; Talmudic councils of film-school nerds will, I suspect, spend many Red Bull-addled nights mirthlessly parsing its every frame.
We laugh mirthlessly but the exchange gives me renewed hope that I am not a mule.
says Alexi, and laughs mirthlessly -- when he came back to Cyprus and spent two years at the Ayia Skepi Therapeutic Community.
When he got home he grinned mirthlessly at his father: "The psychiatrist thinks I'm mad, dad.
Bees' vision is impeded by a seemingly impenetrable strategic and tactical mist and in the near distance they can hear the footsteps of relegation mirthlessly stalking its prey.
However, there is a crucial difference between the two productions: "Revenger's Tragedy" was played for hellish laughs, while "Edward" is mirthlessly serious.