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A ball of wet paper towel was placed on each dish to keep the vegetable material hydrated and as water source for the mirids.
Mirids again, and along the way we also found enigmatic taxa, such as the shieldbug Boocoris bufiJormis Gross, which ran around like a spider on the grimmest of plants.
Field observation for the natural enemies of mirids and interactions between mirids and other insects in the cocoa plantation were investigated.
Similarly, the proliferation of sucking pests like mirids and jassids, which are not controlled by Bt toxin, reflects the broader benefits of reduced use of broad-spectrum pesticides on non-target invertebrates, including predators.
For example, only six species of the possible dozens of mirid species potentially present in these habitats were collected as a result of the limited collection time focused on a specific taxa.
Since then, his personal efforts along with the joint efforts of Toby's many collaborators have expanded the AMNH collection of mirids, saldids and other Heteroptera from the western U.
When you stand on the shoulders of giants in a field, the relative contributions you can make to reach the sky are small in comparison, and I'm thankful to that Toby let me see his view of mirids that he has worked so hard to achieve.
A comparison of the replicate sequences for all mirids sequences showed no mismatch, indicating there were no sequencing errors.
We collected the little-known restheniine mirids Oncerometopus atriscutis and Prepops rubroscutellatus over a wide range in New Mexico (11 and 9 counties, respectively) and in three counties of Arizona.
rufilabris (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), an unidentified chrysopid (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), 2 mirids, P.
Not only is the structure of the mirids extremely antlike, but the coloration also seems to correspond to the analogous ant species with which they are associated.
One hypothesis for such wing dimorphism in mirids, is that males act as "gene-dispersers" enabling gene flow within metapopulations, and flightless females are more closely tied to their host plants to ensure "faithful" oviposition so that the next generation has predetermined host selection (Wheeler, 2001).
Variation in number of instars in Heteroptera has been found for other predacious mirids (Liquido & Nishida 1985), as well as for phytophagous species (Slansky & Rodriguez 1987).
The vacuum device provided effective sampling of cryptic predators such as mirids and anthocorids often missed by visual inspections.
The mirid species found in this study are facultative predators, and they comprised up to 95% of the predators found on tropical soda apple in central Florida (Manrique et al.