miracle worker

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a person who claims or is alleged to perform miracles

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In time, the authors developed three rules that separated Miracle Workers from the rest.
MIRACLE WORKER Superheavy Impressive debut single from pop supergroup formed by Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone and Damian Marley.
In The Miracle Worker, which is his most celebratory film of the power of imagination, love and the human spirit, Penn disregards the conventional attitude taken towards the biographical film to offer an intimate portrait of determination and survival instincts in the context of almost insurmountable odds.
In reaction to pressure from advocates for actors with disabilities, the producers of the upcoming Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker have cast a 10-year-old girl with visual impairment as the understudy for the role of Helen Keller.
Producer David Richenthal on Wednesday announced previews for the production of the William Gibson play, "The Miracle Worker," would start on Feb.
To his clients -- people like Marc Richards, Tony Scott and Andy Davis, who worked with Isaacs on a recent Friday -- the former professor of kinesiology at California State University, Northridge, is nothing short of a miracle worker.
If I am selected I'll enjoy every minute of it but there is maybe a danger that people will see me as a miracle worker," he said.
But why would a miracle worker, a saved-by-the-blood television preacher and faith healer be told by God to start a regular hospital and medical school?
I find it a faithful portrayal of the Miracle Worker of Montreal and it sure brings back memories of the good brother, which I would like to share with you and your readers.
I am not a miracle worker and I am not a healer, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking.
i'm not a miracle worker - but I'm with you,' that's the message from spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller.
One of the more popular versions of the secular miracle worker is featured on the shows "Nanny 911" and "Supernanny.
He describes clerical and secular miracles workers such as Jesus and Cayce, miraculous healing and shamanism, incidences of miracles in science, and how to become a miracle worker.
In one paragraph he states that archaeological evidence contradicts the Exodus from Egypt, wilderness wanderings and conquests in Transjordan, but then goes on to suppose that there just may have been a miracle worker like Moses among the Semitic slaves in Egypt, who may have mediated to them knowledge about the new deity Yahweh.