miracle play

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a medieval play representing episodes from the life of a saint or martyr

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The miracle play might not have happened had Simi Valley not forgotten what it's like to be on the other side.
Using the story of Androcles, Shaw examines true and false religious exaltation, combining the traditions of miracle play and Christmas pantomime into a philosophical farce about early Christianity; the play's central theme, recurrent in Shaw, is that one must have something worth dying for--an end outside oneself--to make life worth living.
It was a dramatization of the Gospel story, which included a miracle play, The Nativity.
See Miracle play Romeo and Juliet A NEW adaptation of Shakespeare's timeless love story, Romeo and Juliet, is being taken acrossWales this summer by Miracle Theatre Company.
For the miracle in a miracle play is a purely theatrical event'; see 'Ritual, Church and Theatre: Medieval Dramas of the Sacramental Body', David Aers (ed.
She begins with a miracle play performed in Metz in 1468 about Saint Catherine of Sienna, who entered a monastery by passing as a monk in order to escape the marriage her family had planned for her.
Using as its text the medieval Chester Cycle miracle play, Britten's 1957 opera was designed as a celebration for children, and so brought youth into the festival and showed another side of the great composer's musical pursuits.
Shot for less than two million dollars, the film has the raw, pulpy texture of great '70s movies like The French Connection, but with the soul of a medieval miracle play.
Days Without End by Eugene O'Neill, a modern miracle play depicting a person with a split personality, opened at Henry Miller's Theatre in New York City.
However, the hard-luck story was the other joint 3-1 market leader Miracle Play, who found every bit of trouble possible before flying home to take third.
The sixth-form girls stayed behind in the evening to see the Miracle Play and the rest of the party returned to Huddersfield.
These recitations evolved into dialogues and eventually became part of the Italian version of the miracle play, the sacra rappresentazione , a form of religiously inspired drama that became secularized during the Renaissance.
The idea was to take something back to the communities where we stayed, so to carry a sort of Christian miracle play with us.
A miracle play presents a real or fictitious account of the life, miracles, or martyrdom of a saint.
DAVID EVANS, whose horses have been out of sorts recently, notched his first wins in 17 days when completing a 39-1 double with Miracle Play in the 1m11/2f handicap and Aquasulis in the 5f juvenile seller.