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Synonyms for miotic

a drug that causes miosis (constriction of the pupil of the eye)

of or relating to or causing constriction of the pupil of the eye


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In longstanding cases, a reduction in pupil size can occur with time until the affected pupil becomes miotic.
Carbachol is another miotic that is prescribed as drops and helps open the eye's drain and increase the rate of fluid flowing out of the eye.
8) Miotic pupils have been observed and may be a predictor of severity (9)
Miotic inhibitors (MIs) will remain the dominant drug class used to treat lung tumors, growing to over $800 million by 2007 in the U.
It is used as a miotic drug and for atony of gastrointestinal tract, but it is very toxic if inhaled or swallowed (5).
Decisions about whether a woman should start adjuvant therapy should be based on factors such as the patient's age, tumor size, axillary node status, histologic tumor type, grade, miotic rate, and hormone receptor status.
Subfamily Key character Rauvolfioideae Apocynoideae Aestivation of corolla Sinistrorse, rarely Dextrose, rarely valvate in bud dextrorse or sinistrorse Insertion of stamen In upper half of corolla On corolla tube at bases tube but well below of lobes to base of bases of petals tube around ovaries (sometimes of stami- nal feet) Sclerenchymatic guide Absent or present Present rails Anther sacs Tetrasporangiate Tetrasporangiate Miotic division of pol- Simultaneous Simultaneous len mother cells Shape of filament Slender, cylindrical, Slender, cylindrical sometimes inserted sometimes inserted on thickened "foot" on thickened "foot" Staminal feet Fused to sides of corolla Fused to sides of corolla tube tube Pollen when shed Loose, single grains Loose, single grains Anther secreting wall N.
Two of these products, piroxicam and a combination miotic, are being developed by the ophthalmic division, and a third, TP-1000 for migraine, is being developed by the injectable division.