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Synonyms for miotic

a drug that causes miosis (constriction of the pupil of the eye)

of or relating to or causing constriction of the pupil of the eye


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Carbachol is another miotic that is prescribed as drops and helps open the eye's drain and increase the rate of fluid flowing out of the eye.
Two of these products, piroxicam and a combination miotic, are being developed by the ophthalmic division, and a third, TP-1000 for migraine, is being developed by the injectable division.
Pupillary constriction by intense pretreatment with miotic like pilocarpine nitrate 2% topically causes maximum stretching and thinning of iris.
58) The use of miotic drugs during pregnancy appears to be safe.
Hippus was observed in all birds when the pupil achieved its most miotic state, with the duration and intensity of this response varying among individual birds.
This causes dilation of the miotic pupil in physiological anisocoria but makes little difference to the miotic pupil in Horner's syndrome.
Physical examination revealed miotic pupils and fall of arterial blood pressure.
Acknowledging that even the most experienced cataract surgeon can encounter unfortunate circumstances, the contributors describe aspects of the edgier side of procedures, such as subluxated cataracts, dislocated lens fragments, suprahard or posterior polar cataracts, infectious endophthalmitis, and miotic pupils.
Initial examination in the emergency department indicated miotic pupils (2 mm and equal), CNS depression, and a disconjugate gaze.
As age progresses pupil may become miotic and dilates poorly.
If the patient remains symptomatic and neuroadaptation does not occur, ophthalmologists may use weak concentrations of miotic drugs (that is pilocarpine) to decrease pupil size and reduce the appearance of halos and glare.
On examination, the pupil of the left eye was miotic, and the fundus could not be visualized.