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Minxes, who succeed in one night stands, have access to virtual condoms and morning after pills.
The event, on Wednesday May 6 at the Racquet Club on Chapel Street, is billed as a night of burlesque, music, mirth and minxes featuring Miss Ruby Honeycut Corset.
Pop minxes The Saturdays, right, are off on their first ever headline tour - so if you don't see them at our Young Scot awards in April, don't panic.
My model represented the middle life in a long line of Minxes which died with the demise of the classic Rootes Group line at the hands of Chrysler.
She was a great character, even when she was at her worst, but I meet a lot of Minnie The Minxes in everyday life - people in their fifties acting like eight-year-olds.
The car will join a selection of other Minxes in the collection, including a 1935 Aero Minx, a 1952 Mink mark V and a 1967 Super Minx estate, which was donated by Irene's family in 1991.