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Here also, as we have implied, Defoe's vivid sense for external minutiae plays an important part.
I shuddered with horror as the scene recurred to me; and it recurred constantly, with all its minutiae, as if they had been burnt into my memory; and yet, such is the madness of the human heart under the influence of its immediate desires, I felt a wild hell-braving joy that Bertha was to be mine; for the fulfilment of my former prevision concerning her first appearance before me, left me little hope that this last hideous glimpse of the future was the mere diseased play of my own mind, and had no relation to external realities.
Despite the minutiae of wrinkle-work that somehow failed to weazen them, her eyes were clear as a girl's--clear, out-looking, and far- seeing, and with an open and unblinking steadfastness of gaze that was disconcerting.
If there is the slightest mistake in the form of these precious documents, the clerk is terrified, for he lives on such minutiae.
Experimental results show it effectively prevents the attack from fingerprint template data and improves security of the system by using minutiae descriptor to encrypt abscissa of the vault.
1) uniqueness of the fingerprint--the minutiae details of individual ridges and furrows are permanent and unchanging.
The paper [9] extends its minutia triplet based indexing framework by utilizing ridge curve parameters, and [11] combines minutiae with surrounding ridges to form substructures.
These are fascinating, though obscure, subjects, and often dwell on the minutiae of medieval lives, behaviors, and war conduct.
They divide, merge and end in points called minutiae as described by (Espinosa et al.
Minutiae mean a lot THE ECONOMIST does not have a reputation for regularly covering horseracing, but inspiration can rest in the most unexpected corner.
Face recognition systems are based on the anthropological minutiae on the face.
The patterns of a fingerprint are generally classified based on its minutiae (3), (7) as depicted in Fig.
All of which proves that knowing your motoring minutiae clearly pays.
a leading global provider of fingerprint recognition technology and systems, announced today that the company's fingerprint matching and extracting algorithms ranked top in the Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) test by the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology).
For the Conservatives, it could be argued that they are skipping over the minutiae of bidding to get things on the ground now before they are defeated by the rancid, corrupt Liberals.