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a small or minor detail

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Minutia descriptor has a rotating and moving invariance which contains the details of the minutiae direction information.
Rather checking each and every processed minutia with the stored minutia, this grouping of neighborhood minutiae helps in easy and quicker matching process.
For example, if direction of a minutia is between 0 and [pi] radian relative to its neighbouring minutia in clockwise order, its corresponding bit is 0.
We can observe that the minutia is located just between the two detected regions.
This measure is computed by looking up the quality level associated with the position of the minutia from the Quality Map of MINDTCT.
But in case of making an database of fingerprint templates for AFIS from an archive of cards of fingerprints taken by ink, the process of automatic minutia extraction is rarely intervened by human expert, so an enhancement method need to be robust and applicable to a wide range of input images.
The major Minutia features of fingerprint ridges are: ridge ending, bifurcation, and short ridge (or dot).
12] proposed a new cancelable scheme which uses a relative position of a minutia in the polar coordinate space.
That is, their system is based on the impractical assumption that two reference minutia can always be extracted accurately from both the input and the enrolled fingerprints.
9] described a scheme to extract binary features from fingerprint using minutia points and fingerprint ridges.
Each version is captivating, yet the unabridged edition is sometimes weighed down with minutia in the depiction of each agonizing step.
Each version is captivating, yet the unabridged edition is sometimes weighed down with minutia in the depiction of each agonizing step, to the point where inattentive listeners may lose the thread of thought from beginning to end of a segment.
UPEK's TouchChip TCS1 sensor works very well with our certified ANSI 378 minutia algorithm," said Colin Soutar, CTO Bioscrypt Inc.
Once an applicant is cleared the records can again be accessed to provide the appropriate information and fingerprint minutia data to be embedded into the biometric smart ID card that federal employees and contractors are required to use and carry under FIPS 201 and HSPD-12.
Minutia points, which are unique identifying characteristics of a fingerprint, are converted from their sensed form to a digital form as a data structure.