minute steak

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a thin steak that can be cooked quickly

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The minute steak is from a fairly hard working muscle, so it's a little bit tougher, the sirloin has less fat and more flavour, then there's the rib-eye, which is my favourite - the more marbling, the more flavour, and the premium - and the fillet, which is a lower working muscle and is very tender.
That's why I love the minute steak, or the foolproof steak as I like to call it, a nice thin steak cut from the sirloin.
In the meantime, the steak range has been extended to five with the inclusion of a minute steak which will be supported with a new Jamie Oliver advert, featuring a recipe for the meat, airing from July 9.
In keeping with the restaurant's theme, I decided to try the minute steak, which was complimented with mushrooms, onions and a choice of potato, while Laura selected the prawns wrapped in sole in a cheese sauce.
00 Plus tax and tip as follows: Select One From Each Category Appetizer Beet Salad with Hazelnut Vinaigrette Frog Legs Provencale Onion Soup Entree Minute Steak Pommes Frites Roasted Salmon with Beurre Rouge Penne Pasta with Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes in a Roquefort Cream Sauce Dessert Creme Caramel Lemon Tarte Chocolate Mousse Additionally, ten special wines will be offered for $25.
A You could use something like minute steak but I'd recommend sirloin, battered out a little with a rolling pin to thin it out slightly, then fried quickly or chargrilled.
The enterprise provided the main ingredient of the gold award-winning rib-eye steak, minute steak and a specially produced fat product at the Great Taste Awards.
Choose from a selection of dishes which include salads, pastas and gourmet burgers, as well as Verve specials including minute steak and sweet potato and chickpea curry.
Steve chose a steak sandwich, which was a minute steak, flash fried and served on a warm french stick.
Roy decided to have the Minute Steak from the grill.
Dan couldn't resist the mixed grill which was a mighty portion of gammon steak, local sausage, minute steak, lamb cutlet served with fried egg, roast field mushrooms, vine tomatoes, onion rings and chunky chips.
We got on with breakfast, helped with a little play-acting: "'How about a nice little minute steak, buddy, with sugar corn?
You can buy packs of ready-cut thin strips of frying steak or minute steak or you can buy ribeye, sirloin or, for the ultimate in sandwich indulgence, fillet.