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a book in which minutes have been written

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At Llandaff railway station, for example, land was acquired near the station and the station's hotel (Whitchurch Parish Council, minute book, P6/64).
Resolutions to that effect should be prepared and filed in the corporate minute book.
27) CSA, Minute book of Inter-Western Pacific Exhibition Co.
ASE, Dunedin Branch District Committee Minute Book, 7 November 1907; K.
Assistant archivist Dr Katrina Legg said the letter was discovered purely by chance in the Bryn Diogel Lodge minute book.
For such a case, see South Dublin Union Board of Guardians Minute Book, Dublin, National Archives of Ireland, BG 79 A 13, 14 May 1860.
See the following for this process at work: the Meherrin Baptist Church Book or the Upper King and Queen Church Book (King and Queen County, VA) Minute Book, 1774-1816.
Another section describes in brief but lucid fashion the administrative structure of town government, and particular note is made of the value of the minute book to this aspect of the history of Dunwich.
At Informed Homebirth, we are especially happy to see this up-to-the minute book on Homebirth by long-time friend Sheila Kitzinger.
According to the Mirror, the Football Association (FA) Minute Book was written in 1863 and has been hailed as one of the most important documents of all time as it helped shape the modern football game.
The FA Minute Book was written in 1863 and will be proudly exhibited alongside the Magna Carta and the works of Shakespeare.
Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, the conservation of the First Minute Book of the Commission of Sewers in Surrey and Kent, the construction of a database of early hand-made Finnish paper, and the history of repairs and rebinding of 15th century block books in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.
Directors and members of the board must be appointed and issues of governance must be established and the first thing that the IRS will ask for is to see the minute book which shows an LLC's adherence to of all these requirements.
One of the treasures of the collection is an old Minute Book which dates back to the formation of the society in 1907.