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a sign indicating the operation of subtraction

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Once your data are subtotaled and grouped in this manner, you can expand and collapse (show or hide) detailed line items by clicking the corresponding plus and minus signs in the left margin.
Speaking about the goal difference factor, which is still inferior to their top-six rivals but with the minus sign now removed, Williamson added: "That all comes into it when the league starts becoming compact.
More recently, the political fortunes of the current government have seemed to rest on the gross domestic product (GDP) figures for the preceding three months, and specifically whether there is a minus sign in front of them.
There is even a customized slashtag to eliminate the top 100,000 websites, using the minus sign.
That's what happens on the end of the battery marked with a minus sign.
FULL SOLUTIONS 61p per Across: 12 Dislocated 13 Perseverance 14 Log off15 Minus sign 16 Voodoo 17 Lisp 19 Ice rink 21 Wateriness 23 Tycoon 24 Diagnosis 26 Nymph 27 Scrolled 29 Till 30 On stand-by 32 Bleak 34 Spoil 36 Dukes 37 Delay 41 Turnabout 42 Oral 43 Coincide 46 Ensue 47 Barefaced 48 Enough 50 Splattered 53 Sit down 55 Robe 56 Insert 58 Befuddled 60 Trench 62 First edition 63 Tracker dog minute plus network extras max 1 minute 30 seconds.
If you mark pin 1 with the number 1, it can easily be mistaken for the minus sign.
Go through the list and put a minus sign (-) next to the people who are on the whole negative and toxic.
Terms you want to exclude (-) Attaching a minus sign immediately before a word indicates that you do not want pages that contain this word to appear in your results.
This permits, without calculations, setting a Floating Zero or reference point to read "greater than or less than results with a minus sign displayed.
A minus sign is included to further qualify the rating.
This "missing" minus sign reverses all interpretations (including those that confirm the standard view), except of course when another term equals 0, which arises in the case of weak separability that produces the uniform commodity tax result.
If they look on their remote controls they will find a function called the volume control, by pressing the minus sign they will find that this annoying sound will decrease.
Administrators for the Worcester school system, however, seem immune from the minus sign.