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a sign indicating the operation of subtraction

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Terms you want to exclude (-) Attaching a minus sign immediately before a word indicates that you do not want pages that contain this word to appear in your results.
This "missing" minus sign reverses all interpretations (including those that confirm the standard view), except of course when another term equals 0, which arises in the case of weak separability that produces the uniform commodity tax result.
If they look on their remote controls they will find a function called the volume control, by pressing the minus sign they will find that this annoying sound will decrease.
Administrators for the Worcester school system, however, seem immune from the minus sign.
I think I must have mistyped the last underline as a minus sign as that's how it has come out.
Look for a set of small, medium and larger boxes or a plus and minus sign on the page.
Then my wife pointed out that there was a minus sign in front of it.
Some Web pages have a set of small, medium, and larger boxes, or a plus or minus sign, to increase text size.
Tip: With this method, a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-) may be used instead of an equal sign (=) in the first step; Excel will interpret them as equal signs when it creates the formula.
Putting a minus sign in front of a word in a search engine will tell it not to include results that include that word.
It manifests itself, in the end, as the numbers that show up on balance sheets: with a minus sign in front of them.
Figures in parentheses denote year-on-year percentage changes with a minus sign signifying a fall.
The minus sign denotes year-on-year percentage losses.
CWIS supports most of the conventions offered by sites like Google, such as phrase searching (enclosing several words in quotation marks to indicate that the user is looking for the words in that specific sequence) and term exclusion (prepending a minus sign to a word to indicate that the user only wants results that do not include that term).