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a stately court dance in the 17th century

a stately piece of music composed for dancing the minuet

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The stately minuet, from the French word menuet (meaning small or delicate), refers to the short steps taken in this stately 3/4 time dance of the 17th and 18th centuries, Artist J.
Most take him for a minuet man, but George Washington very well could have waltzed on his first Inaugural Day.
This is the odd incongruity of a typical eighteenth-century minuet right in the middle of things, but that is easily overlooked.
One yearbook, for instance, observed that a (presumably white) girl danced "everything from the Minuet to (dare we mention it?
3 Uttermost presents a flashy twist on its three-light Minuet kitchen island light, lining the oil-rubbed bronze hardware with crystal accents that sprout out like diamonds in the rough.
The piece was written in 1773 during the 17-year-old Mozart's trip to Vienna and it contains new cadenzas to piano concertos and music to a Minuet for a string quartet.
Short also provides an especially lucid description of the precarious minuet involving Cambodia, China, and Vietnam in the 1970s and '80s.
While a typical English countryside ball included a number of dance types, the minuet dominated balls for the first half of the eighteenth century.
Masoud Raouf's Blue Like a Gunshot, Steven Woloshen's Minuet and Simon Goulet's Oio were sublime abstractions, playing with colour, shapes and music in different ways.
And they are right, resolutions must be enforced, dictators contained, words do matter, the dance of diplomacy is so often a mincing, meaningless minuet, and sometimes you just have to stand up and .
Not only did the islanders retain many of their African tribal and religious traditions, they also embraced influences from their colonial masters--the reel and jig from the British, the minuet, waltz and quadrille from the French, all seasoned with Spanish and Dutch spice.
Over the last several months, Washington has seen unfold a kind of elaborate minuet involving the quasi government agencies Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the so-called home loan banks.
Old Uncle Stickleback tunes his harp: He twangs in the key of C For the slow minuet and the languid eight-step At the porcupine jamboee.
The additional list of tempos by Czerny for Mozart quartets and quintets in table 1, which appears here for the first time, also shows a similarly wide range of minuet tempos, from slow to fast (for quartets and quintets, dotted minim = 44-84; together with the list of tempos by Czerny and Hummel for the Mozart symphonies, dotted minim = 42-88 - see table 2 of my 1988 Early music article).
Although his best - known composition is the Minuet in G for piano, he made his reputation as a composer with the opera Manru (1901).