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the number from which the subtrahend is subtracted

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Fuchs, Hamlett, & Powell, 2003): Sums to 12, Sums to 18, Minuends to 12, and Minuends to 18.
1) Following Seyler, Kirk and Ashcraft (2003), who found a pronounced discontinuity beginning with minuend 11, it is usually considered that this number marks a shift in processing between smaller and larger subtraction facts.
Although the minuend is usually a larger number than the subtrahend, a particular digit in the minuend may be less than the digit beneath it in the subtrahend, so trading (borrowing) is required.
A zero in the minuend, or top number, means there are no values in that column, which presents an unusual situation open to a range of inventive solution processes (Klein 2000).
Effect of operation on Not consistent--some understanding for number addition and subtraction (where minuend changes).
In 1993 New Jersey abolished the DRG system; that left the discount formula without a minuend from which to subtract the actual per diem charge of the HMO.
Special needs children (aged 8-12) with difficulty in subtraction problems up to 100 with the ones-digit subtrahend being larger than the ones digit in the minuend have benefitted from using dynamic virtual manipulative (Peltenburg, van den-Heuvel-Panhuizen & Doig, 2009).
Concrete subtraction problem with the unknown in the minuend.
Because the program never states the minuend, a kindergartner with whom we worked found the statement confusing.
20 She gives an example of a situation in which teachers said that "because the digit at the ones column of the minuend is smaller than that of the subtrahend, the former should borrow a ten from the tens column and turn it into ten ones.
It is also unrealistic to take away a considerable fraction of the whole and try to represent that part proportionally, without expecting the political character of the minuend to change as well.
SFL: subtracted smaller from larger number regardless of position, reversed/transposed smaller from larger, subtracted minuend from subtrahend).
Figure 2 Subtraction strategies that the students used Subtraction Strategies Our Interpretations and Descriptions Counting Back Beginning with the minuend, count back the number you are subtracting; we would see 9 - 3 and think, "9 .
As the student types the minuend of a subtraction problem, boxes on the number line automatically turn yellow to represent the quantity; as the student types the subtrahend, black Xs are drawn through yellow boxes to represent the removal of that quantity.