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the number from which the subtrahend is subtracted

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One of the most common errors students make with number operations relate to the subtraction of one number from the other where one of the digits in the subtrahend is larger than the corresponding digit in the minuend (see Young & Shea, 1981).
As the student types the minuend of a subtraction problem, boxes on the number line automatically turn yellow to represent the quantity; as the student types the subtrahend, black Xs are drawn through yellow boxes to represent the removal of that quantity.
SFL: subtracted smaller from larger number regardless of position, reversed/transposed smaller from larger, subtracted minuend from subtrahend).
In contrast, BUGGY problems were often exceedingly complex, containing as many as eight digits in the minuend.
We administered four subtests of the Second-Grade Calculations Battery (SGCB; Fuchs, Hamlett, & Powell, 2003): Sums to 12, Sums to 18, Minuends to 12, and Minuends to 18.
Addition/subtraction combinations (ASC): This measure assesses students' ability to correctly write the answers to addition and subtraction facts (sums or minuends ranging from 0-18).