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Synonyms for mintage

coins collectively

fee paid to a mint by the government for minting a coin

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act or process of minting coins

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The mintage figure in itself would suggest a very modest value, perhaps up to $10 or PS10, but the fact that most were melted lifts the value much higher.
Released in 2011, this coin has a mintage of just 1,615,000 and is second in Change-Checker's Scarcity Index (which measures rarity) with a score of 88 of 100.
Their mailshot states that the coin is limited to a mintage of just 1999 pieces worldwide "meaning many collectors and investors will miss out on owning the historic release".
These impressive coins which were struck by the United States at their West Point Facility have a very limited mintage of just 2016 pieces each of the MS-69 and MS-70 versions.
More recently in 2014, the RCM released a new limited mintage (10,000) silver $20 collector coin for the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Space Agency.
Date and place of mintage as well as names' the twelve Imams or several people of Imams on coins of the Safavid are scrimshawed.
This case study has primarily focused on the grading of rare coins, that is, coins with low mintage, few surviving specimens, or a very high grade based on quality (condition).
There will be a limited mintage of 7500 of the birthday coins, which will cost PS80 each and will be available online at www.
This tittle I ended up with my uncle in Escondido, helping mintage one of our largest container tree yards.
Information is provided on denomination history, design types and subtypes, and general collectability; each coin type in a denomination, its designer and specifications, history, characteristics, market availability, and grading guidelines; and data charts on mintage, valuations, and other information.
Good close-up, coin-sized photos accompany valuations and facts referring to mintage, with introductions discussing the design and history of special releases.
Its price is a combination of the gold market rate at the time of purchase, plus a premium for its manufacturing and very limited mintage.
1) A king or prince with a monopoly on the mintage of his own local coin can, by periodic re-minting, secretly reduce the actual gold or silver content of the coin, allowing him to increase the money supply with a given stock of metal.
The idea was potentially sinister, and the Cortes protested that the coins' lower intrinsic value would encourage counterfeiting abroad and that any ensuing inflation would violate debt contracts; but the pace was moderate and the new mintage was only supposed to retire old coins (Velde and Weber 4).