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Arroz con pollo is lightened up by removing the skin from chili-rubbed chicken thighs, which cook on a bed of mint-scented rice for a dish reminiscent of paella.
Original Source started out as a range of mint-scented shampoos using high levels of pure essential oils which make the scalp tingle and invigorate the senses.
Seafirst Bank of Seattle plans to dispense mint-scented notes from cash machines across America.
Shine by bliss," a bath amenities line created exclusively for Sheraton, features fresh Mandarin and mint-scented shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion and is offered in Sheraton's standard guest rooms.
In keeping with the theme, the mint-scented moisturizer is packaged in Republican red, while the orange version is in blue colour.
His signature dishes at the Quicken Tree include braised shank of lamb, with garden-picked vegetables and mint-scented jus; and pan-fried fillet of sea bass with oriental vegetables and a lime and ginger dressing.
The mint-scented leaves can be used for tea or mild flavoring.
These mint-scented aromatic flowers, supplied in six named varieties, are produced from June to September.
Serve with champ, julienne of carrot, parsnip and leak, and mint-scented red wine gravy
Simply rub the mint-scented mixture of Dead Sea salts and essential oils into your hands for a minute.
While away a couple of hours wandering from jasmine-infused grottos to tropical mint-scented mist sprays to a vast outdoor steaming jacuzzi.