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Camphor oil, which is readily absorbed through the skin, comes from camphor laurel wood and is also found in large amounts from the mint family, camphor basil and rosemary, which have decongestant properties.
noted that Forskohlii belongs to the mint family of plants, and the active compound forskolin (10%) can only be found in the plant's roots.
For fragrance: Corsican mint, the smallest of the mint family.
From 1968 to 1994, John Morton (1928-2011) was a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo, where he taught plant taxonomy and worked on the systematics of the mint family (Lamiaceae), the pink family (Caryophyllaceae), and goldenrods (the genus Solidago in the family Asteraceae).
In their place, Molumby suggests easy-to-grow natives like sunflowers and members of the mint family.
Some families of plants that typically are great for attracting bees are the rose family (Rosaceae), mint family (Lamiaceae), and the aster family (Asteraceae).
Just to confuse matters a little more, they're all members of the mint family.
Johnson and the Hopkins team say they undertook the research to try and put some rigorous scientific information into current concerns over the growing recreational use of Salvia divinorum, which is an herb in mint family.
The news broke after a Brazilian researcher, Graciela Rocha, led a team that examined the effects of a member of the mint family, Hyptis crenata (Brazilian mint), on laboratory animals.
Summary: JEDDAH: Customs officers in the northern border city of Hudaitha have seized a large quantity of drugs which the traffickers tried to smuggle into the Kingdom by hiding them in bags of coffee and zaatar (thyme), a low-growing aromatic plant of the mint family, said Ibrahim Al-Anazi, acting director general of the Customs Department, on Sunday.
Many of them, including Mexican sage, are highly aromatic, as they belong to the mint family.
There are concerns such videos, showing groups of people smoking the substance, which belongs to the mint family, are increasing the popularity and misuse of salvia.
Lavendula is part of the mint family which also includes herbs like sage and rosemary.
Catnip is a perennial in the mint family, so you may want to plant it in buried or exposed containers so it won't spread throughout your yard.
The spiky, flowering Mediterranean native of the mint family has it all: fragrance, form, flavor, and medicinal value.