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Synonyms for minstrel

Synonyms for minstrel

celebrate by singing, in the style of minstrels

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So the minstrel put by his bow and suffered himself to be led before Robin Hood.
By our troth, she loved me right well," said the minstrel.
Already were the guests beginning to assemble, when the Bishop, back in the vestry, saw a minstrel clad in green walk up boldly to the door and peer within.
Then welcome, good minstrel," said the Bishop, "music pleases me right well, and if you can play up to your prattle, 'twill indeed grace your ceremony.
he whispered, "there is another minstrel near, who mayhap may play more to your liking.
It was no easy thing to be a minstrel, and a man often spent ten or twelve years in learning to be one.
Out of the popular ballads, or, chiefly, of the minstrel poetry which is partly based on them, regularly develops epic poetry.
This explains the welcome given by Chinese Emperors and Caliphs of Bagdad to all roving minstrels in whose immortality, like flies in amber, they are caught.
But, in the midst of all this festivity and rejoicing, there was one individual present, who tasted not when the sparkling wines were poured forth, and who danced not, when the minstrels played.
Minstrel Park offers a range of two-bedroom apartments from PS159,950, a two-bedroom coach house at PS169,950 and three-bedroom houses from PS248,950.
No longer just a racecourse venue, the Border Minstrel is now becoming a destination eating place that's as perfect for business lunches as it is for a cosy family get together, and despite its move into the gastropub market, it still represents great value for money.
Sure enough, the 2,000 Guineas was the spring target for The Minstrel, and to that end Vincent O'Brien brought him to Ascot to contest the 7f trial in early April.
But for all its repellent aspects, and the undeniable stain it left on America, the minstrel show's mix of song, dance, and storytelling is a direct ancestor of the Broadway musical.
I WAS sorry to see in the Echo that the singer Frances Davies, the lead singer with the Black and White Minstrels, had died.
This recall involves 116 MINSTREL Patient Lifts that could possibly result in hanger bar detachment due to pin migration or pin breakage in the hanger bar assembly.