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a diatonic scale with notes separated by whole tones except for the 2nd and 3rd and 5th and 6th

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The number of shoppers at the Seef Mall has been increasing on a very minor scale and visiting tourists were being missed, he added.
What began on a minor scale in a public park has grown into a successful franchise that has been since become established in a number of Austria's federal states.
Though weddings do take place in summer time but on minor scale as folks in the sub continent usually prefer the pleasant weather of winter and spring for these events.
The result is a rotation of what Polignac referred to as the "major-minor" scale (D E F# G A B[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] C D), which itself is a rotation of the ascending melodic minor scale, here starting on G.
Mr Peelo added: "There is criminality, feuding and bullying but on a very minor scale.
Though it isn't atonal, it eschews traditional major and minor scale systems, and has no easily recalled melodies.
I realise that as a journalist you feel you have a job to do, so, as a public figure yourself, albeit on a minor scale, you too are fair game.
This does not mean that the Armed Forces cannot support their current operational commitments, but their ability to take on additional operations that are more than additional operations other than on a minor scale is now
The oil and natural gas reserves in Turkey are of minor scale, and solid fossil fuels account for the primary potential as energy sources.
In contrast to Germany, the UK's highly centralised systems have meant that regional authorities have been given very little incentive to engage in local economic activities on anything other than a relatively minor scale.
Inspector Phil Anderson, force incident manager for Merseyside Police, said he felt the event had passed off successfully and that trouble had been on a minor scale.
It is impossible to find examples of truly private monopolies, except on a minor scale.
The successful tenderer/s will be required to construct concrete footpaths, concrete kerbs and gutters, pedestrian refuges and median islands, roundabouts, vehicular crossings (light, medium and heavy duty), concrete shared paths, minor scale stormwater drainage pipes and pits, minor amounts of supply and installation of signs and line marking, minor quantities for the supply and lay of asphalt and minor tree removal and trimming.
After the congress Erdoy-an is expected to go for a minor scale reshuffle in the Cabinet and decide on the names that will carry the party through the national and presidential elections due consecutively in the next two years.
And while it gets worse for them, we will begin to experience some of their current problems, on a more minor scale.